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Prevent Weight Gain

8/17 14:09:22

To prevent weight gain, how you conduct your daily life must be closely monitored. If you resume your former eating habits and slack on your daily exercise routine, the weight you successfully shed in the past will begin to come back. Regaining weight you have worked hard to shed can be emotionally and physically demanding.

Victims of ‘yo-yo dieting’ often lose weight quickly and then regain the weight they lost within a short period of time. Causing your body to constantly adjust to varying weight levels can wreak havoc on your metabolism, energy levels, and self esteem. In addition, psychologists have identified weight fluctuation throughout an individuals lifetime as an indicator of excessive stress or even undiagnosed mental illness.

The procedure for how to prevent weight gain revolves around the use of calorie restriction and solid exercise. Of course, these broad concepts are behind all major weight loss campaigns. However, if you are already at a healthy weight level and want to retain it, “playing maintenance” is much easier than overall weight reduction.

To maintain your weight level and to know how to prevent weight gain, remember these simple steps:

* Know Your Calorie Limit: Calculate your BRI using one of a number of BMR calculators located on the Internet. Then, multiply your BMR calculator by 1.2. The resulting number is the number of calories you burn by naturally living each day and performing activities such as sleeping, eating, and breathing.

* If you do not desire to exercise or want to be ABSOLUTELY sure you do not gain weight, simply monitor your calories to ensure you calorie intake never exceeds this number. Barring an unusual circumstance such as pregnancy or a metabolic disorder, it is physically impossible for your current weight to change if you stay below this level. Treat it like a concrete barrier that you can never pass. It is a sure-fire way to maintain your current weight.

* Eat and Exercise or Eat Less: If you recently ceased your exercise campaign and also want to begin eating at the levels you enjoyed before you lost weight, you’re headed for disappointment. If you continue this practice, you will begin to gain weight. You must choose to continue to exercise if you desire to consume additional foods, or you must decrease your calorie intake.

Generally, it is easier and healthier to continue to exercise while increasing food intake. You will be able to enjoy the foods you love while still retaining the numerous benefits of exercise. After some time, exercise will become a part of your daily routine and you will no longer feel motivated to drop exercise from your daily life.

Whenever you feel uninspired or unsure if you still wish to prevent gaining weight, try to remind yourself of the hard work and effort you put into shedding your excess pounds. Do you truly wish to go down that path again? Following these simple guidelines will show you the proper method for keeping off weight you have lost and how to prevent weight gain.

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