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How To Reduce Tummy Fat – Understanding How Low Carb Diet Plans Work

8/17 14:09:20

Low carbohydrate plans have recently become all the craze. Most of the fad diets you find today are similar versions of a low carb diet. This article aims to increase your understanding and awareness of how low carb diets work.

Carbohydrates are compounds found in our food which helps supply our bodies and muscles with energy to function and grow. The most common form of carbohydrates which provides the majority of our energy from food is form of a six carbon ringed molecule called glucose.

When we eat too much food or excessive amount of carbs, our bodies convert this extra energy into fat. In essence, fat molecules are concentrated stores of energy. Our bodies prefer to breakdown and process glucose and carbohydrates rather than fat. This is one of the reason why fat is so hard to eliminate. Our bodies like to keep fat around.

When we eat excessively or have meals high in carbs our body contains higher concentrations of glucose in the blood which causes our bodies to produce more insulin. Insulin plays a role in this because it is responsible for transporting the glucose into our cells. Our cells then breakdown the glucose and convert it to energy.

This is important when understanding how to reduce tummy fat because higher amounts of glucose and insulin mean our bodies are using the foods we eat for energy rather than the fat stored in our bodies. Low carb diets work by forcing the body to breakdown the fats stored in our tummy due to an inadequate supply of carbohydrates in our diet.

Although low carb diet plans may help you to reduce tummy fat and help you to lose weight, they also come with risk. A low carbohydrate diet is very hard to maintain in the long term and research suggest that it may cause you to lower your metabolism. I recommend a well balanced diet of natural foods that are high in fiber and protein to achieve your weight loss goals and to lose tummy fat for good.

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