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What Are The Best Diets - The Horrible Truth

8/17 14:09:15

Are you still searching for the perfect diet? Or just one that works for you? If you are like most people you can't bear a diet for long or you gain the weight straight back afterwards. I know that was me for many years until I found out the horrible truth about diets.

I was just like you trying one diet after another for eighteen long years of my life. I got totally fed up of dieting and decided to research 'what are the best diets' for myself. The horrible truth I found out is that for the last forty years scientific study after scientific study has been proving that diets don't work at all. All the data collected for over the last forty years shows that dieting actually make you fatter and only creates more problems than it solves.

My 'what are the best diets' quest led me to a study done in 2007 by the University of California. They collected data from 31 other studies involving more than 20,000 participants. This concluded that people who go on diets end up weighing more after the diet is over. This study said that diets end up making people fatter in the long term. This was no small study. It involved 20,000 people.

Studies in 2009 showed that dieting creates problem eating behaviors such as bingeing, emotional eating and food addictions. The list goes on and on and on. Study after study showed that diets don't work and they actually create a whole host of problems too. It was a shocking truth to me because I truly believed that dieting was a good thing.

Dieting is in the papers and all the TV shows as the way to lose weight. That is all we see. Yes some people talk about having a healthy balanced diet. But they seem to be in the minority and I thought they were just talking about health.

What all the evidence from all these studies shows is that the best diets are what the minority have been saying all along. Eating a healthy balanced diet brings the best results. Depriving yourself of food to lose weight is totally unnatural and has all sorts of adverse emotional and physical effects.

Just give your body the best of what nature has to offer. Lean meat and plenty fruit and vegetables. That is the best diet you can possibly have. Forget processed and refined foods because our food manufacturers have ruined the natural goodness and replaced that with chemicals that make us fat. The other point is that you make changes for the long term. You are not going on a diet. You are changing the way that you eat for good.

Short term measures don't work. long term ones do. When you ask 'what are the best diets'. The answer is that 'diets' to lose weight don't work. The best diets are one that involve eating for good health over the long term.

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