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Motivation To Lose Weight: Find Your Target And Your Goal

8/17 14:09:03

Why do you want to lose weight? Ask a bunch of people in a group and they will all stammer stuff about their good health and living their life to the fullest for the children or their friends. Get them alone and you might find out about their real motivation to lose weight.

Yes, they know they need to do it for their health, but most people have a more personal and private motivation to lose weight, one that they may not share with anyone other than their journals.

Honestly, there is no wrong answer or wrong choice for the motivation to lose weight. Whatever gets your fanny up and moving or gets you to un-clutch that fork and put it down is good. Realistically, purely relying on health goals may not be enough to get the average person working toward their weight loss.

But, having a deep and personal motivation to lose weight might be exactly what is needed. Think about it: wouldn’t you work harder if you knew you were going to wow them at the high school reunion or you were going to fit into that atrocious bridesmaid dress and dance with the groom’s single and very handsome brother?

Health might play a role in the process and may provide some motivation to lose weight, but overall the focus will be more likely to fall on other things.

Everyone has something that they focus on when they are trying to lose weight- even if they don’t think they do. They may hold onto their plans to actually enjoy their trip to the beach in the coming summer.

Maybe they don’t want to be an embarrassment to their children or their spouse. The motivation to lose weight can be anywhere and it can be pretty simple. Whatever it is, no matter how shallow it might seem, go with it.

New clothes are always a great motivation to lose weight. Before you invest in a ton of new clothes, go to a local thrift store and buy something a size smaller than what you are wearing. Hang it where you can see it. Try it on once a week to keep the motivation to lose weight. Once you are wearing that one, do the same thing again until you hit your overall target weight. See how easy that was?

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