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The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss – Making Friends With Your Food

8/17 14:08:26

The Law Of Attraction And Weight Loss – Making Friends With Your Food

When people start to become slim using the non-diet approach, they often have trouble grasping the fact that it is ok to eat the foods that they love. The reason for this is that for many years they have been used to feeling deprived or guilty when it comes to food and it takes a big mind shift to eat in a very different way.

The law of attraction and weight loss are inseparable and this means that your ‘state of being’ is just as important as the physical choices you make including how you feel about the food that you eat. Your state of mind when you sit down to eat can have a huge effect on your end results and the great news is that it shouldn’t be a difficult shift as you are consciously moving towards something much more pleasurable and aligned with the person that you desire to be.

So how do you get the law of attraction and weight loss aligned? In my experience there are 2 key things that affect this in a profound way.

Firstly, we should be eating foods that we love and this means ditching the plastic tasting diet foods and getting back to natural tasty foods that feel good and can be easily processed by our bodies. When I say foods that we love – I mean foods that our body loves too. If you listen to and notice your body’s signals, you will start to realise that a lot of ‘fake’ food does not feel good and this will allow you to start getting fussy about what you put in your mouth – and rightly so!

Secondly, we cannot eat from a place of guilt or negative emotion and expect to get good results from our food. This totally goes against the law of attraction and weight loss and you will quickly get the opposite effects and find yourself getting stuck. I’m sure you can recall a time when you wolfed down a huge chocolate bar or scoffed a big bag of potato chips whilst feeling terrible about yourself?

Instead you need to start making friends with your food and this means each and every time you eat, regardless of what you eat, you sit down with your food and trust that your body can extract exactly what is needs to keep it strong and healthy. It may sound mad but another simple tip is to thank the food before you eat it for the nourishment it gives you.

This takes some practice but if you work at doing this with every meal and snack you will soon start to see a shift happening in your relationship with food and the results that you get from it. You will also start noticing more which foods feel good to you and which ones don’t and if you think this means munching on lettuce for the rest of your life, then you are very much mistaken. Take a slice of cheesecake for example and consider the difference between a low fat, plastic tasting slice and a full fat, delicious tasting slice of cheesecake made with all natural ingredients – which one do you think you and your body will love more?

If you are worried about the calories and fat grams from this all natural piece of full fat cheesecake then consider this – your body is a wonderful machine that knows exactly what to do if you trust it to take whatever fuel it needs to stay strong, healthy and naturally slim and getting fussy about only eating foods that you love will soon see you only eating whatever your body needs.

Making friends with your food is one of the most effective ways to bring the law of attraction and weight loss into harmony with each other and get you in alignment with the naturally slim person you really want to become.

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