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Want To Lose Weight And Feel Great? Learn How To Replace Your Bad Eating Thabits With Good Ones!

8/17 14:08:21

Want To Lose Weight And Feel Great? Learn How to Replace Your Bad Eating Thabits With Good Ones!

We all have bad habits-weather it be eating too quickly, taking more than we need, indulging in sweets or eating late at night, these bad habits can be a huge hindrance when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

If you are trying to lose weight but are not getting anywhere fast, it may be time to trade in your old bad habits for new good habits!

It sounds daunting, but trust me, once you start putting the new good habits into your routine, they will become second nature!

What is your bad habit? A few common ones are:

-eating too quickly -eating while standing up -eating while driving/on the run -grabbing drive-thru fast food -always finishing everything on your plate, even if you're full -taking more than you need -using giant serving dishes (plates/bowls etc) -eating while watching tv -eating from vending machines -drinking pop instead of water -eating out more than eating in -snacking late at night -not eating breakfast

If one or more of these habits are something you do, listen up! It is time to break the habit so that you can look forward to a healthier and happier future!

Here are some great tips that apply to all of these bad habits.

1. Make Meals If you eat too quickly, eat standing up or eat on the run, it is important that you take the time to prepare meals so that when you are in a crunch for time, you can still fill up on healthy foods. If you work early and are always rushing through breakfast, make sure to either prepare your meal the night before, or wake up that extra 15 minutes early to be able to sit down and enjoy your food. Taking 15 minutes in the evening to pack a lunch or prepare a meal for the next day will help you avoid rushing through meals, snacking on things like crackers and chips or skipping meals all together. You can even find a day once a week and do all of your meal preparation that day so that throughout the rest of the week you can simply grab a pre-prepared meal from the fridge or freezer and be ready to go!

2. Don't Take More Than You Need When going out for food we often get served giant portions that is way more than one person needs, and unfortunately this habit seems to happen at home too, because many of us use large serving dishes that hold 2 portions or more. To make sure you are not eating more than you need, use a side plate for your meals, and after eating everything on the side plate, you can go back if you are still hungry, but it will help you avoid taking too much and then feeling like you should eat it all because you took it.

3. Water Is Best Water is an essential part of the diet, however most people don't drink enough during the day. If you are a fan of pop, Vitamin Water, sports drinks or energy drinks, STOP! They are loaded with empty calories and who knows what kinds of chemicals! If you really don't like drinking water you can add Crystal Light water flavor, but you should be drinking at least 8 glasses a day. Make sure to get rid of the pop and juice in your house and always pack a water bottle with you.

4. Prevent Snacking When you are at the office, are out about town or are at home in the evening, it is very tempting to snack. Vending machines, fast food drive thru's and tubs of ice cream are all calling your name, but this is the worst habit of all. Fast food and snacks like chips and candy are what can really make you go from being overweight to obese in a blink of an eye...and they certainly don't help if you are trying to lose weight! To prevent these binges, have lots of cut up fruit and vegetables close at hand as well as nuts and yogurt. These are great snacks that you can have quickly and that satisfy the craving for sweet and/or salty.

5. Get Enough Sleep When you don't get enough sleep, it will be more likely that you will crave sweet and salty snacks and drinks to get you through the day, so it is essential to get enough sleep. Try for at least 7 hours a night to make sure that you are feeling your best and are ready to attack the day without a daily dose of energy drinks and sugary treats!

By simply changing a few bad habits and replacing them with good ones, you will be able to lose weight and keep it off for the long-term! Remember, it may seem overwhelming at first, but making the small changes now will be beneficial for the rest of your life, so what are you waiting for!

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