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To Be or Not to Be Morbidly Obese

8/17 12:01:59
We find so many excuses for how we are and how we feel. Though I intend to write about morbidly obese people, most of these thoughts are quite general and just as a glove they fit any "victim". I recently read yahoo answers about how people feel about morbidly obese persons and the answers got me thinking: "pity", "disgust", "they are people with feelings too", "repulsed", "sad", "it's nasty", "maybe someone they love died" and so on.

Whom Do You Help Feeling Sorry?

Well feeling sorry does not help them; maybe it just helps the person who feels sorry because this way he or she is seen as a "good" person. Repulse and disgust do not help either; on the contrary, those feelings still something from the person feeling them. You cannot be disgusted and joyful at the same time. Therefore, you did not help yourself and you did not help another human being. Nevertheless, you ruined your previously positive enough state.

Each and every one of us likes to play the "victim" and we have a truly disgusting habit: if there is something wrong with us, it is someone else's fault, because someone died, because someone does not love us, because someone did that or did not do that, but it's never us.

We Are Responsible for Who We Are

Well here is a thought! I think we are responsible for getting sick, we are responsible for our misery, we are responsible for being morbidly obese, and we are responsible for being anorexic or unhappy for that matter. I think we are not victims; we are the "makers" of our fate.

The best answer I got regarding morbidly obese people was "Why can't they ask for help in time?". You do not get morbidly obese in a week, it is a long process, and you can see it happening!

When will we realize that it is us, who have to help ourselves? Do not say it is easy for you are not over-weighed! Everyone has problems! Thin persons have broken hearts too! We just need to admit that it is our fault and the only person who can help us it is ourselves.

I once read a great saying and I try to live by it every passing day. The sun is generous, shines on everyone, thin or fat, ugly or beautiful, miserable or happy, but you have to come out from the hole you hiding in and let the sun-rays touch you. You cannot just sit around and wait for the sun to come into your hole. You see, the sun does his job, shines, it is your turn, make a step and let it shine on you too!
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