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Small but important tips for weight loss

8/17 12:01:25
Weight loss is one of the most important issues for many people from around the world.Many people exert themselves to the limit to cut down on their weight. Many people do it because they want to look more presentable and remain fit. Let us look at some commonsense, easily implementable, simple steps that add up to a good weight loss program over time.

Start hating your car!

This should sound as the most alarming advice ever given for weight loss. Haven't we Americans built our very lives around cars? So, why should we hate them? By advising this, we certainly don't mean that we expect Americans to start walking to work every day. It is just that we need to decrease our total dependence on cars.Why not take simple steps such as parking your car at a distance from office instead of in the parking lot? Taking a few steps to the office from where your car is parked three or four times daily can make a huge difference over a few months.

Reduce the use of elevators

Now that you have reached your office complex, try taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. It is difficult to do it if you are in the 18th floor, but why not take the stairs for the first six, the elevator for the next six and the stairs again for the last six? These are simple steps, but they make a big difference to your overall weight loss program. Of course, climbing six floors is not the simplest of tasks, but reaching the goal gradually will make it possible for you to achieve it.

Stop eating, start grazing

Neither load nor starve your system. This should be the mantra driving your weight loss program. Eat small meals at frequent intervals, so that your digestive system makes optimal use of the intake.

Forget crash dieting

Never, ever deprive your body of the things you need to subsist. Most crash diets work by compelling you to give up on essentials. As a result, you will lose overall weight no doubt, but two important factors go against you: You could end up losing protein and muscle instead of fat. Second, you gain back the weight you lost at equal pace once you stop your crash diet.

Assess yourself and have patience

When you start your weight loss regimen, take a moment off to reflect and put things in perspective. How important is weight loss to you? Do you want to lose weight only to look good? Do you want to slim down because you look odd among your peers? Do you need to shed pounds because your doctor advised you to? First, make a list of the reasons that compel you to lose weight. This will help you motivate yourself better. If the intention is clear, you will be more realistic. How can the weight you accumulated over years be undone in a few days? Rome was not built in a day; nor was your weight. Remember one fact: Fat is the only thing in the world that is easier to build than to tear down! For many of us, it is so inconspicuous that we do it without knowing it, without even having to lift our little fingers!
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