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Proper Diet for Weight Loss in India

8/17 12:00:46
Indian food is known for its ability to keep fit and healthy. Quality based on prehistoric knowledge of diet passed on from one generation to another. Indian recipe consist the healthiest ingredients. The good news about the food is that they have got an improvement to fully satisfy the demands of contemporary men and women. Generally, Indians tend to have a propensity to gain weight. They have a hereditary irregularity which causes them to put weight in the abdominal muscles. Therefore, they must take care of our eating habits to become healthy but not fatty. It is also estimated that Indian is the world's diabetic capital due to the presence of large number of rice eaters. All these factors make it difficult for them to lose weight.
The first thing that they can do is to eliminate rice and all its varieties from their diet. When they include rice in their meal it does not get properly digested and gets deposited on the wall of stomach and blood vessel leading to increase the chances of diabetes. The Indian meal comprises of more protein in the form of pulses and dals with minimal rice. A lot of Indian dishes are prepared with the usage of oil and butter that must be eliminated.
Chapatti or roti is the substitute of rice most frequently used in diet. The oily food and rice contributes unhealthy fats to our digestive system that helps to gain weight. Optimum nutrition India must include protein based Indian food in out diet to be healthy. If you take eggs as a part of your meal, include more eggs in your diet. Milk is also a rich source of protein and calcium that must be included. Avoid the consumption of sweet items because it can increase the level of sugar in your body. Vegetables must be included in your diet because they are the most health food. India is well known for spices. Consumption of high spices and salt based food is harmful for health.
Recently, the survey conducted on India food habit concluded that the consumption of processed food has increased to great extend. Processed foods are not good for the digestive system and the best option is to avoid them. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are encouraged to be included in all the three meals of the day. For weight loss and optimum nutrition India, the Indian diet includes a glass of fruit juice, roti or chapatti, and egg in the morning. In the afternoon a glass of milk with dals and vegetables and the same must be followed for supper. These would provide the adequate calories for the body.
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