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Cheat Your Body into Losing Weight

8/17 12:00:35
So you are not overweight, but not very thin either. If you are just looking to work on the problem areas where there is excess fat so that you can achieve that picture perfect body, then this article is just for you. If you get to lose weight without tiring exercise routines, noxious pills or depriving yourself of feel-good-sugar-gorging, what would your reaction be? If you are sceptical about the whole idea and feel it's a waste of your time, then it is understandable. However, truth of the fact remains that there is always a cheat code; a cheat code that will cheat your body into losing weight fast.


Diets usually do not work, mostly because people quit. Here is a cheat code, which will not only help you complete your diet plan, but also helps you derive the most out of it. Allow yourself a cheat day; binge on your all-favourite food without counting calories once a week. Studies suggest that this will actually trick your body into losing fat faster. Rather than going into starvation mode, just allow your taste buds to get the better of you, albeit only once a week.

H20 elixir

Time and again, you have heard people jabber incessantly about the many health benefits of water. There are endless health magazines claiming the same. All that you have heard so far, and will in the future, are in fact true. Water will not only hydrate your system, but also flush out toxins, acting as natural food suppressant that will prevent you from gorging on food mindlessly. If you do not like sipping plain water, you can always jazz it up with a dash of mint sprig or lemon.

Fresh fruits

Having fresh fruit juices is good for the body, but raw fruits are even better. Fruits are a rich source of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Fresh fruits are low on calorie, make you feel well fed and boost energy. Refrain from eating canned fruits as they are often sweetened and contain preservatives.


Did you know that when exercise is included with your weight-loss program; it can almost triple its effect? 20 minutes of exercise is all that is required to lose weight fast and keep the lost weight at bay. A power jog, cardio, or resistant exercise can do much to tone your body into shape.

Watch what you eat

Before you gobble down that sugary snack, think twice. Watch what you eat, sometimes garnishes are richer than the food itself. You also need to be cautious about the drinks that you have with your food. Avoid coffee, milkshakes and soda, as they are loaded with calories. Try to drink plain water mostly, apart from hydrating your body it will also keep you full. Keeping a food journal is also a good idea, it will help you keep track of your eating pattern and enable you to modify if need be.

Do not skip meals

Often under pressure to lose weight fast, people skip meals. Instead of eating three big meals in a day, try eating small portions frequently. Eating frequently will help keep calorie count in check and keep blood sugar level in control.

Being in shape is not an impossible feat to achieve. All you need to do is make minor modifications in your diet and lifestyle.
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