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Interesting Facts That You Did Not Know About Latest Diet Fads

8/17 12:00:33
Yearning to have well a toned and chiselled body? Then this article is something that will interest you. In a desperate quest to lose excess weight, people are often led astray into trying bogus diet fads and chemically induced pills that literally create havoc with their bodies. There are literally over thousands of diet fads available today, and not necessarily all are foolproof. What you need is an insight as to how effective and safe a diet program truly is and how far along it can go to help you fulfil your dream

How often has it so happened, that you have come across people who are so obsessed with their bodyweight that it is bordering on insanity. Perhaps, a friend who binges on crumbs, a roomy who is obsessed with diet pills, a neighbour who is a workout freak or perhaps a co-worker who just survives on plain cottage cheese for months straight. The list is endless, and so is the OCD. Here is a rundown on facts behind famous diet fads.

HCG diet

You have heard much about HCG diet, now it is time you actually learn about it too. HCG is a low calorie diet designed for rapid weight loss.

Under the diet plan, you will be put on a less than 500 calories per day diet plan, coupled with HCG drops. If done correctly, the diet plan boasts of reducing up to 1 pound each day. The 'less than 500 calories per day' diet is almost impossible to adhere to, unless you are gifted with superhuman abilities. Here is an interesting fact about HCG diets that you did not know: less than 500 calories diet is very much like starving yourself, which will help you lose weight, but in all probability, you will just as soon regain the lost weight. In women, the diet can trigger serious problems like extreme hair loss, constipation and gallstones. Apparently, HCG injections are supposed to accelerate the weight loss process. However, HCG drops are nothing but a form of hormone found in a pregnant woman's urine called 'salt water placebo'. Studies conducted over the years prove that you will lose the same amount of weight irrespective whether you take the HCG drops or not.

Liquid diet

People are going bonkers about the latest liquid diet fad and you decide to follow the lead without getting the facts right; not very smart of you. Liquid diet can be effective, but it is the incorrect way that people follow the diet that potentially ruins the effect. Your body needs certain amount of calories and carbohydrates in order to function properly. So, make sure to choose meal-replacement liquids that rather than stripping your body of vital nutrients replenishes it. Liquid fasting is not recommended for long term dieting, as it provides very little calories required for body survival.

African mango pills

African mango pills might seem like a miracle to have, especially when you get to lose albs of weight without injecting harmful chemicals, or depriving yourself of your favourite munchies. Does it all sound too good to be true? Perhaps it is time for you to investigate to get your facts right. Mango pills are rich in fiber that helps flush out toxins and promote glucose absorption rate. However, like every other diet fad, this too is not without a hitch. Side effects experienced with African mango pills are mostly minor including insomnia, mild anxiety, and increase in intestinal gas.

No matter what latest diet fad you opt for, it is important to get your facts right well in advance.
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