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Nuts and Their Health Benefits

8/17 12:00:14
Many nuts and seeds have a high calorie count that can often put people off eating them. Nuts and seeds contain a high amount of fibre, protein and nutrients, making them an essential part of any healthy diet. Regardless of your diet plan, you should incorporate some nuts and seeds into your diet in order to keep it healthy and balanced. There are a few tips that you can follow in order to select the healthiest types of nuts. This article provides some information on the healthiest types of nuts, and it explains what each of their benefits are.

Nuts to Avoid

Nuts are always most nutritious when they are consumed without any coatings or additives. This means that you should avoid any nuts that are covered in oils or in a sugar coating. These types of nuts have much higher calorie levels making them less suitable for weight loss. If you want to enjoy roasted nuts then you can make your own version at home by covering the nuts in herbs and spices and placing them under a grill for a much healthier alternative.

Calorie Content of Nuts

Many nuts and seeds have a similar calorie count. The highest calorie nuts are brazil nuts, walnuts and pine nuts which contain approximately 180 calories per ounce. Peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts and pistachios have some of the lowest calorie counts at approximately 160 calories per ounce. Seeds will typically contain between 160 to 180 calories per ounce, but they are often eaten in much smaller quantities than nuts.


Almonds contain a high level of magnesium, copper, vitamin B2 and vitamin E. Most of the fat that is contained in almonds is monounsaturated, meaning that it is a good fat that your body requires to function optimally.


Cashews are high in both antioxidants and phosphorus. They are delicious eaten raw, or they can be lightly coated in black pepper and salt. They can be enjoyed as a healthy snack throughout the day.


Flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, are a type of seed that is high in vitamin B2, manganese and omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds have anti cancer properties, and they also help to keep your bowel movements regular. Flaxseeds are used to make crackers, and they can also be sprinkled on cereal or porridge or used to make bread.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain a huge range of nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and vitamin K. They may also help to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Pumpkin seeds are delicious when they are used in salads, or they can be used as an ingredient in fresh bread.


Walnuts are extremely high in manganese, copper and omega 3 fatty acids. They also have a high level of amino acids, which the body uses to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to keep the blood vessels in the body flexible. Walnuts are delicious in salads (think waldorf salads), or they can be enjoyed as a tasty snack.
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