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Liposuction Thailand Female of the species

8/17 12:00:11
It was long believed that, in terms of cosmetic surgery, the majority of procedures were taken up by women and not men. New research has determined that, not shockingly, men have cosmetic surgery too and that, again, not surprising, liposuction tops the list. This tells us far more about the life of the male than we really need to know really as it insinuates that the majority of men are obese or overweight in some way and so are turning to liposuction to beat the bulge instead of healthy eating and exercise.

Medical tourism is a huge boon in Thailand and one of the most popular procedures done is liposuction and it also one of the safest too. You only have to look at some of the foreign residents to see why. Many decide to have liposuction on the advice of their doctor in their home country (where obesity is at near epidemic proportions) but many require it due to the change in lifestyle that takes place in the male of the species when they get off the plane. It seems that many tourists who come to Thailand switch off their common sense module and instead switch on the 'drink alcohol' endlessly all day and night portion of their brain instead. It is no surprise then that a popular Thai website, populated by foreigners living there, issued a poll asking if they had gained weight more since arriving.

The answer was a resounding yes, although there were those who sensibly saw this change coming and started getting more and more in to exercise instead. But it is not the alcohol alone, it is the lifestyle in general and, for many men in Thailand, lifting a glass of beer is their only exercise of the day, apart from the obvious other wrist action. Maybe I am being stereotypical but, for these people, liposuction is probably more necessary and I am sure they have the money for it; it is just a lifestyle choice that they choose to grow old with the girth. I am sure that all current medical institutions offering liposuction Thailand will be laughing all the way to the bank, foreigners have long been thought to be missing a few brain cells and maybe this confirms it. Either way, thanks to these kinds of people, liposuction is alive and well and making a killing.

Women are also having liposuction Thailand but not to the same extent as males. It seems that even popular celebrities have done so also. The reason it is usually needed is because people do not exercise and just let themselves go to the point of extreme and then, having more money than sense, just book an appointment and get the fat removed. This is obviously not the best solution in any way as there can be complications and such and it can prove costly if you need multiple procedures. Either way, liposuction Thailand seem to be staying at number one for the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure and you have to wonder why this is, food for thought, just try not to gorge on it too much.
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