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What is Obesity and Overweight?

8/17 11:59:39
The World Health Organisation released some key facts that would stun the world. The obesity has doubled since 1980 and that there are more than 40 million children under the age of 14 who are overweight. The health organization also released the fact that obesity is preventable. As per the online encyclopaedia, the term obese or overweight can be defined as someone having more body fat than the optimal health threshold. It is one of the commonest conditions that prevail in places where there are unlimited food supplies and the normal lifestyle is sedentary. The healthy body requires the minimum amount of fat for the functioning of the immune system, thermal insulation and as a buffer for the sensitive areas. It is also required as fat can be converted to energy whenever needed.

To lose this weight there are also various medical weight loss programs in Charlotte, in NC. The overweight are people who are defined by their accumulation of fat that can hinder their health. The body-mass index is a simple measurement of weight-for-height that is used to distinguish the overweight and the obesity. The measurement can be defined as the person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in metres. (kg/m2) As per the WHO standards, if the BMI is greater than or equal to 25 the person is overweight. If the BMI is equal to 30 or more, than the person is an obese. Signature Wellness is a health organization that enables a program for those who want to loose weight. Before enrolling with the various health-related programs, it is important to know about certain facts as follows:

Obesity is the fifth largest health issue leading to global deaths. More than three million adults die of obesity. This condition leads to other complexities like diabetes, ischemic heart diseases and cancer. A study conducted in 2011 saw the deaths of forty million children who died of overweight. Before attributed to the high country problem, overweight also exists in the low and middle-income countries as well. This has led to more deaths worldwide than underweight. Once we understand the harm that obesity can cause, we can enrol for weight loss in Charlotte, NC.

So what causes this dreadful disease? The fundamental cause has always been attributes the imbalance of intake calories with that of calories being expended. This is the resultant of increased intake of energy dense food that is rich in fat. It can be also caused by the sedentary life in way a person works or changes transport. Any change in the dietary and physical activity pattern is often due to societal changes. The following are some of the consequences of overweight and obesity. It causes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. The more BMI ratio, there is an increased chance of having these non-communicable diseases. Obesity in children increases the risk of premature deaths and other disabilities, increasing the risk of fractures, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance and psychological effects.

There are various types of medical weight loss programs in Charlotte, NC. Obesity can be prevented. There are various kinds of supportive communities that help in reshaping the people's lifestyle and make healthier food choices. Other than the doctor prescribed treatments, the individual can limit their energy intake, increase the consumption of food, fruit and other vegetables and engage in regular physical activity. There are also various surgical treatments available that would help in reducing the weight.
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