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Secrets of the process (Weight Loss 101) To lose weight Dramatically

8/17 11:59:22
Simply put, health is important because it affects everything around

us. Your health has an impact on your family, social life, physical,

mental, and spiritual well being. It is through health that we are

able to prevent disease, live happy, live longer, and live free of

medical burdens.

Personally, I had never been in a healthy weight range. Since I was

a kid, I never had the chance to enjoy good health. Now that I have

CONQUERED OBESITY, I will never slip up or go back, as there is just

too much to lose.

Without my health holding me back and preventing me from doing new

and exciting things, I can BE ACTIVE like I've always wanted to be. As

I always like to mention, I am absolutely in love with running.

Running isn't something that I enjoyed before, in fact, it took me

about 14 to 16 minutes just to run or walk a single mile. That has

dramatically changed. I can now run a mile in under seven minutes and

I have completed a couple of 5k runs. I am actively training for a

half marathon, which is another stepping stone in my quest to

participate in a marathon.

Running a marathon will be the ultimate sign of accomplishing my

goals. This long and exacting race will be the final test that decides

if I have passed or failed. Health allows individuals like me to seek

exigent goals like completing a marathon. Health also provides us with

an opportunity to live a happier life. I have never been as happy and

upbeat as I am now.

In college I had a roommate named Jersey, yes that is his real name,

and yes we attended school in New Jersey. Jersey was always very

happy. He was that guy that you wondered if something was wrong with

him because he was always happy no matter what. I could never

understand why he was always so upbeat, but I now believe it is a

result of health.

Since I met him, Jersey has always been a healthy guy who always

puts his HEALTH FIRST. I spoke to Jersey recently and he reminded me

of the times when I would question his happy outlook. Jersey asked me

because he saw the same thing in me. We agreed that health makes you

see things in a different perspective and it removes any insecurities

or subconscious thoughts that a person might have. Health equals


The physical improvements have been great and have truly given me a

new found appreciation for life. Another very important factor is my

new-found "mental powers." I don't mean that I have superhero powers,

although that would be cool! I am referring to being able to learn

programming languages faster, to be able to learn new methods and

theories with ease, to be able to solve problems quicker, and many

more perks. I can especially see the differences because I am a

computer scientist, and I am required to do a great deal of math and


I have noticed that I can pick apart problems extremely easy as

compared to before. As a result, my coding has greatly improved and I

am now learning about other subjects that have always interested me

but I never had the drive to look into. I am very interested in

economics, philosophy, and other topics that may not be related to

computer science. This is all possible because of health. There are

many differences in my life and they are obvious to everyone who knows

me. (Discover the secrets of the process weight loss 101.)

If none of these reasons are of any interest to you, then just DO IT

to stay away from the doctor. Being healthy makes visits to the doctor

rare. I went in recently to get my wisdom teeth removed and it was

awesome hearing that my blood pressure and sugar levels are excellent.

It feels good knowing you don't have to take pills or be on medicines

that have side effects. I personally don't like drugs and I would

rather do whatever necessary to keep them out of my body. (Discover

the secrets of the process weight loss 101.)
Whatever your reason is for wanting to be healthy, DO IT because it is

what you want. It could be because you want to look good, stay away

from the doctor, become active, or anything else, you have to make the

decision. There is no magic pill or person that can do the work for

you and suddenly grant your wishes. It all has to come from you and

the good news is that the decision is the hardest part. If you are

honest with yourself and decide health is what you want, then the rest

will become EASY.
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