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Liposuction Surgery- Its Risks Explained

8/17 11:58:27
Alternately known as lipo or lipectomy, lipoplasty or else liposculputure, liposuction surgery is primarily conducted to suck body fat in a bid to provide a more stable body weight to patients. The primary body areas targeted for liposuction are
* Flanks
* Buttocks
* Abdomen
* Upper Arms
* Thighs
* Back
* Hips
* Inner knees
* Chest
* Outer Thighs
* Calves
* Chin

What is the Procedure?

Precisely, the suction is mainly carried out by inserting a cannula under the skin followed by the application of a fairly high pressure vacuum through it. It is considered to be one of the commonly carried out cosmetic surgeries in the United Kingdom and the United States of America that also facilitates patients with certain medical conditions namely:

* Liposdystrophy Syndrome: It is a unique medical disturbance caused by the presence of excessive fat in some parts of the body and complete absence of the same in other parts.
* Lipomas: Fatty Tumours (Benign)
* Gynecomastia: Presence of fatty breast tissues in men


The desire for perfectly sculpted bodies is today fast emerging as one of "perpetual fads" whereby even an inch of unlikely bulge is most likely to be operated. However, as most published reports fail to identify the risks associated with this surgery, patients should themselves take the initiative to find out about the same and be duly prepared to deal with them:

In a bid to remove a considerable amount of aspirate from the body the patients are often injected with an overload of fluid that their hearts might often fail to take. Overworking can prove more dangerous in these cases.

Uneven skin owing to fat removal might be a consequence though it is generally not considered to be medically serious.

Other possible complications are listed below:

* Burns
* Infections
* Toxic Shock Syndrome
* Seroma whereby some detached skin deposits in the subcutaneous pocket often followed by the oozing of serum

Word of Advice

Therefore, it is only advisable that as a patient you do your homework properly before undergoing the surgery. Besides learning about the benefits and risks of liposuction surgery you should also learn about the precautionary measures to be taken before such complicated surgery, ways to deal with adverse effects and also gather a general idea about how liposuction works. It will prepare you better to deal with the entire process- right from coming to terms with the idea of undergoing a risky operation to actually doing the same. Please do not forget to discuss the risk mitigation processes thoroughly with the surgeon as well. Consult him repeatedly in case of doubts. Therefore you are well set for a healthy journey ahead!
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