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Nordic Walking Poles: Simple Steps To Find The Perfect Pair Of Walking Sticks

8/17 11:57:29
Nordic pole walking as the name indication is simply walking with poles. It is considered to be a complete body workout as it engages all the muscle of body while walking. The concept of Nordic poles is originated from the Fineland and now it has gain the popularity in all over the world. These poles are like the ski poles with rubber boot tip and handle strap to hold meant for walking. There are many kind of Nordic walking poles available in the market and you can choose as per your needs and comfort. If you want a perfect body workout and want to avail all its benefits then it is really necessary to choose the right pair of stick that suits your needs. Here are few simple tips that can help you to find the perfect pair of walking sticks.
Length of the pole: The major factor that is to be considered while choosing the walking pole is their length. Find the sticks according to your height. There is a great range of Nordic walking poles available for different heights. These come in two different types fixed length and telescoping poles. If you are going with a fixed length then make sure that it is of appropriate length. In a general idea to find the perfect fixed poles, your elbow should be placed straight at right angle while walking with these sticks. Mostly, people prefer telescoping poles as they are adjustable and you every one can adjust according to their height. Therefore, adjustable poles have little advantage over the fixed because everyone can use these poles.

Check out the handle: The next important thing to see in the walking poles is its handle. It should have a flared base with cork molds. Don't choose the rubber or plastic handle because these handles get slippery with sweat and may cause damage it slipped from hand where as cork helps to absorbs the sweat inside it and keep the handle dry to make a strong grip.

Check the material of stick: The Nordic poles are available in different materials. As Poles have to support you body weight to some extend it is important to ensure its quality so as it ensure your safety. These should be light weight and strong so that it is not heavy to carry as well as safe to rely upon. Mostly prefer the sticks made up to carbon fibre which is the best material for making these sticks.

Check the tip of the stick: Mostly rubber tips are preferred as they are easy more comfortable and safe to use.

These are the few things which everyone should know before choosing the Nordic walking sticks in order to ensure the complete health and safety.
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