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Selecting your options for weight-loss surgery

8/17 11:57:29
Selecting your options for weight-loss surgery

Advancements of medical science have brought in big changes in weight-loss surgeries. Over weight can pose serious health threats such as - coronary heart diseases, diabetes, hyper tension, arthritis, and more and eventually reduces one's life expectation. Obesity is a growing concern worldwide. Changes in lifestyle and food habit have increased the number of overweight adults and children to an alarming level. When you are searching for obesity treatment make sure that you make an informed decision because each type of weight-loss surgery has its set of pros and cons. This write-up has discussed about the available surgical procedures so that you have better understanding of each while discussing your options with the doctor.

The weight-loss surgeries together are called bariatric surgeries. Obesity surgery is often the last resort to help one lose weight. The size of the stomach is altered through the surgery to manipulate the food intake capacity of the patient. Weight-loss surgeries have gained much popularity recently but these aren't free from complications. Weight-loss surgeries can increase your chances for gallstone, cause vitamin or fluid deficiency in body; increase your chances of ulcer etc. So, you must consider all your options before deciding about surgical method.

What are the major types of obesity surgery?

Laparoscopic adjustable banding: Doctors will often suggest adjustable gastric banding surgery for weight loss. It is preferred by doctors since it minimizes scopes of side-effects and also, the patient faces little post surgery complications.
During the course a silicon adjustable band is inserted in the patient's body through incision and placed around the stomach. The band is then adjusted to cut the size of the stomach to limit food intake ability of the patient. Gastric banding surgery is the least invasive of all bariatric surgery procedures.

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: The surgical procedure creates a detour in the stomach for the food to go directly to the small intestine. The surgeon creates a small pocket at the top of the stomach and then cut the small intestine from the stomach and adjusts it to the created pocket. This way the food bypasses the bigger section of the stomach and therefore, the body absorbs fewer nutrients and calories.

Sleeve gastrectomy: The stomach is cut lengthwise and the portion is removed to make the stomach look like a tube or sleeve. As a result, the stomach holds less food. It is most permanent form of bariatric surgeries as a portion of the stomach is completely removed.
Liposuction: Although it is not a weight-loss surgery in true sense since it doesn't affect one's food intake ability but liposuction is a popular form of cosmetic surgery that helps the patient to get rid of excess fat tissues and makes him slimmer.

India has made great advancements in performing wide variety of weight reduction surgeries. As a result, both international and domestic patients are opting for weight loss surgery India in large numbers.
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