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Miami Gastric sleeve: The solution to lose extra pounds fast

8/17 11:57:20
Unhealthy food habit and long working hour with less physical activities are the reasons behind obesity. Now it has spread like an epidemic throughout Miami and rest of the world. It not only makes one look odd and bulky but also can cause major health problems like diabetes; some types of cancers, joint pain and many more. But people are still less conscious about obesity and its side effects.

What is severe; morbid and super obesity?

Extra weight with a BMI of 35-40 is called a severe obesity and a BMI of 35 is said to be a morbid obesity. When the BMI exceed 45 it is termed as super obesity. These types of obesities are the most harmful for a human body. It makes a person more susceptible to diseases which come as a side effect of extra weight.

Best solutions for morbid obesity:-

The worst case for a patient of morbid obesity is that weight loss exercises and diet plans works less likely. Medical science suggests bariatric surgeries to erase the burden of those extra pounds. Surgeries like Lap band and gastric sleeve are very common in Miami now.

About Lap Band surgery Miami:-

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band is popularly known as Lap Band or LAGB. In this procedure an inflatable silicone device is placed around the top portion of the stomach to create a smaller pouch, which can hold ?cup of food approximately, (whereas our stomach normally holds about 6 cups of food). The pouch fills very quickly, and the band consume time to passage the food from the pouch to the lower part of the stomach causing a limited amount of food intake at one time and thus a fast weight loss.

Though a medically approved a fast weight loss process; it's not free from contradiction.
* This is highly not allowed to non adult patients.
* Patients with inflammatory or cardiopulmonary diseases; or with a family history of autoimmune disease are not at all suitable for this.
* Persons with drug and alcohol addictions refrain from this surgical method.
* Pregnant patients need more nutrition and thus may require deflation of their bands.
Gastric Sleeve:-

The other popular weight loss surgery in Miami. It started in England, 2002 as a neutral weight loss procedure and has proven to be quite safe. Surgeons from USA and other parts of the world prefer this technique due to its striking outcome.

How Miami Gastric Sleeve is performed

The concerning surgeon creates a tube out of the stomach by using staples. The stapled portion is then removed; it removes the section of the stomach where the hormone "GHRELIN" is produced, this is the hormone which causes a morbid obesity. Gastric Sleeve stops the production of this hormone and thus reduces appetite which causes low intake of food and calorie burn.
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