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6 hot tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy

8/17 11:56:17
I had been struggling on searching on how to lose weight after pregnancy. I desperate when I found out I can not wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. So, I tried on "weight-loss-after-pregnancy medicine". However, my friend, Mary, who is a nutritionist, she told me that this solution might harm me and more importantly my baby especially if I am breastfeeding!

Currently, I found the solution and let me share with you 6 tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy fast and safe:

Tip 1. Breastfed
Breastfeeding can help you lose weight by making your body burn calories. If you are patient enough, you will be surprised at how much weight you can actually lose naturally just by breastfeeding. Just be patient and don't give up so easily as breastfeeding may not work smooth for most of us especially you are first-time-mom.

Tip 2. Eat to lose your weight
Yes, you heard it right! Never ever try to skip any meals to lose weight. If you skip meals, you will feel hungry all the time and you will get tempted by delicious food and ended up eating more than you should.

Tip 3. Exercise
Contrary to public disbelief, exercise is still one of the top effective ways that can help you burn the excess fat. You can start with some light exercises like regular walking, yoga or stretching exercises.

However, most moms are tempted to push themselves into excessive exercises in order to lose weight fast. You should avoid doing so and be patient; rapid body weight loss is not healthy. Always seek advices from your doctor before you start any fitness routine or work put plan.

Tip 4. Drink enough water
Drinking enough of water prevents you from getting dehydrated. If you are breastfeeding, you will need to replenish your fluids. Plus, drinking lots of water fills you up so you will feel full and help you lose your baby weight faster.

Tip 5. Be patient
Now that you're a mom, your baby comes first. You're an incredible mom that just helped to bring this new being into life. Give your body at least a few months before thinking seriously about losing weight. And even once you start a formal program, don't be hard on yourself.

Do not rush the nature. It took you 9 months to get your precious baby out, it will take you at least that amount of time to get your body back to normal.

Tip 6. You & yourself
Your husband will always love you and newly born baby. It is always you are more critical on your own body than your husband is. Stay positive thinking and feeling great all the time is the best way on how to lose weight after pregnancy.

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