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Myths and misconceptions protein shake

8/17 11:55:22
To recent years, protein shakes and other nutritional drinks have increasingly preferred choice of people who want to lose weight quickly and safely.
All that is so attractive about these health drinks? Despite their high price, which makes them so appealing to people? When to Eat a Protein Shake ?

protein shakes for weight loss

Firstly, protein drinks are considered a convenient way to increase food consumption athletes, especially those who work on their endurance, patients who have undergone weight loss surgery, those who are elderly, as well as cancer patients or many other conditions. This is because these shocks help boost levels of proteins needed by the person undergoing certain medical procedures. The average person generally would not need that extra boost, and may even be harmful when taken long term.

So what's wrong with the way people perceive the protein shakes? The following are the myths and misconceptions surrounding the craze that has crept upon us:

1. Taking additional means more muscle proteins, which result in more calories burned. In terms of weight loss programs, it is considered an excellent way to increase protein intake without the added burden of fat and other weight affecting calories from eating meat. For those who want to lose weight, substituting protein shakes for meat may seem to lose weight, but in this case it is not a matter of protein intake, but a switch of the protein source .
Some people are not aware of their actual intake of meat and could be considered as protein shakes be more effective in the transformation of their fat in the muscles.
What really happened perhaps with protein shakes, they eventually stick to this particular service, instead of stuffing protein, and not to mention fats and sugars. But remember that the proteins themselves are not the main contributor to muscle development, because it must be related to the exercise necessary to break down the muscles and rebuild over time.

2. Protein shakes are sometimes not perceived as necessary to lose weight. Manufacturers sometimes tend to claim that their product is the best way to lose weight, but doctors say that no product is a magic solution to weight problems.
The reason people lose weight with them is that when replacing a meal with them, they end up consuming a fixed number of calories, instead of sometimes accidentally having an extra serving of roast beef. Keep in mind, however, that even these shakes contain calories, some more than others, for use alongside regular eating habits, or a greater number of servings that will make you actually still gain weight.

3. Some advertising pushes protein shakes as a safe and healthy way to lose weight. But do you know that these products are actually not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration? The absence of this regulation means that you have absolutely no guarantee of the safety of the product you are considering. Interestingly, in July 2010, Consumer Reports magazine conducted a laboratory test was 15 brands of protein shakes, and found that each contained heavy metals in their ingredients, such as lead, arsenic , mercury and cadmium. In addition, warns against eating too much protein MayoClinic on a daily basis, because it puts unnecessary pressure on the body to manage the byproducts of protein digestion. The risks for the added pressure is liver damage. Of course, this is even more true for those who are not serious athletes anyway, bodybuilding athletes tend to be the exception in their case, the protein naturally be used to build muscle instead of losing as they work regularly.

protein shakes

While there may be parties contesting these warnings for protein shakes , it is always better to be safe than sorry. Of course, if you intend to use protein shakes for a program of temporary weight loss, it might be a good idea because it can help you regulate your appetite over a period of time.
The utmost care is needed for those who have plans of using protein shakes for a long period of time, like most warnings relate to quantities in the long term and high use.
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