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Get Solutions From A TX Weight Loss Doctor

8/17 11:54:28
If you have some extra pounds to lose, you aren't alone. In fact, the majority of Americans have some excess body fat or weight, and nearly 1/3 of this country is now considered overweight or obese. Fortunately, there are weight loss specialists there to help when you are ready to transform your body. There are many avenues weight loss doctors may suggest.
Weight Loss Surgeries
Sometimes the answer to weight loss is surgery. Surgeries are designed for people who are considered to be morbidly obese and who have a large amount of weight to lose. The following surgeries may be recommended by a TX weight loss doctor:
1. Liposuction
2. Lap Band
3. Gastric Bypass
Most TX weight loss doctors won't advise clients to get surgery unless other methods aren't working or if a patient is morbidly obese and the extra weight is life-threatening. Only a weight loss specialist and surgeon can decide whether a patient meets criteria for weight loss.
But when you don't want an extreme or invasive procedure like surgery, there are plenty of other options. Most TX weight loss doctors will recommend these types of solutions before surgery.
Blood Work
Doctors can learn a lot from your blood. Simple hormone testing with blood work can reveal imbalances in some of the common hormones that cause weight gain:
* Cortisol
* Estrogen
* Testosterone
* Progesterone
* Thyroid hormones
These are just a few common hormones that can prevent weight loss and cause weight gain. When your doctor knows which hormones are out of balance, he or she can prescribe medications or other solutions to regain balance.
Blood work can also show whether a person is diabetic or pre-diabetic through insulin and blood glucose levels. If your body doesn't create or respond to insulin correctly, weight gain can ensue. Medications can balance blood sugar which can help your body use energy and burn fat correctly.
Nutritional Counseling and Guidance
If there is no hormonal imbalance or fundamental physical cause to your weight gain, your TX weight loss doctor may suggest nutritional counseling. You may have food allergies or intolerances you don't know about. Even the healthiest foods can be damaging if your body doesn't know how to tolerate them. Because there's not one diet that works perfectly
for everyone, a nutritionist can work with you to create meal plans that work for your body in particular. It's said that weight loss is something like 20% fitness and 80% nutrition; getting your nutrition on track may be key to weight loss.
Personal Training or Fitness Counseling
Obviously an important facet of weight loss is working out. You can't lose weight without some physical exertion. If you don't exercise at all, simply starting may be the answer. But if you already workout like crazy and still aren't seeing results, working with a personal trainer and getting exercise tailored to you may accelerate results.
Whether you are trying to lose thirty pounds or three hundred pounds, meeting with a weight loss doctor is a great idea. The doctor's advice may be the catalyst to the change and transformation of your body and your life.
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