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HCG Injections and HCG Drops: A Comparative Analysis

8/17 11:54:13
Losing weight ranks as one of the top priorities of most people all around the world.

Most of them are successful in following the weight loss resolution for a couple of weeks of the New Year after which the energy fizzes out and people fall back to the old couch potato status. There are numerous ways of reducing weight. HCG injections and HCG drops are known to be the best ways to shed pounds without having to undergo surgeries or painful exercise plans. HCG drugs are the best way to reduce weight effectively and help you achieve the desired weight loss results. HCG drugs come in the form of injections and drops. Each medication has its own merits and de-merits which make them the ideal choice for many based on individual preferences. This article seeks to explain the notable distinct features of HCG injections and drops based on which an individual can come to a logical decision.

Overview of HCG Diet

HCG hormone is secreted in the placenta of a pregnant woman. The purpose of the hormone is to provide nutrition and life support to the foetus until it becomes self-reliant. In the 1950s Dr. Simeons invented that introducing HCG hormones into a body helps in reducing excess weight. The hormone boosts metabolism naturally and saves much physical effort from the part of the individual. Following a diet plan is considered to be the most organic method to shed weight. HCG drops can be taken along with water or other liquid items that enter into the body system. The drops activate the hypothalamus gland that aid in increasing the blood flow and metabolism significantly. HCG injections are administered by injecting the hormones directly into the blood circulation system of the patient.

Review of HCG Injections and HCG drops

HCG Injections can be administered by an individual on their own. The injections can be taken once or twice a day. Unlike injections the drops are consumed sub-lingually meaning under the tongue. Drops are required to be consumed at least six times a day to match the dosage of injections. Drops work the best for those who dread the pricking pain of injections or sight of blood. Drops are far less painful and are easy than HCG injections. However, consumption of drops requires one to follow a strict time schedule so that the body is receiving the required HCG supply at regular intervals to complement the weight loss plan.

The effectiveness of drops and injections are similar and do not have any varying results. It is estimated that a person will be able to shed up to twenty to thirty pounds irrespective of the method of HCG intake. However, it is essential to follow a strict discipline in the intake as irregular consumption will fail in providing the desired results. However, as a matter of fact drops score over injections as they are easy, painless and facilitate taking them wherever the patients go unlike injections which are not user friendly.
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