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Oolong Leaf Tea And Weight Loss

8/17 11:54:03
Oolong Leaf Tea is popular, because it can dissolve fat effect reducing weight. The main ingredient for tea tannins that has close relationship with the metabolism of fat, and the experimental results also confirmed that it can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
Drinking Oolong leaf tea can let a person weight off 38 kilograms in half of year, and successfully get rid of the "three highs" (high blood pressure, high blood sugar and blood fat), can you believe that? Recently, a Taiwan magazine introduces a successful weight loss experience of Stephen, who is from America, making people sit up and take notice the health benefits of Oolong Leaf Tea.
Taiwan university school of medicine, professor Zhang Zhiren recently point out that man who often drink Oolong Leaf Tea, body mass index (bmi) and fat rate are lower than people drink less. Moreover, the effect of weight loss in women is more significant than men's.
Professor Zhang said, this is because compared with black tea,Oolong Leaf Tea is able to stimulate pancreatic enzyme activity of fat decomposition, reducing sugars and fatty food is absorbed.In addition it can accelerate the body's heat yield increasing, promote fat burning, especially reduce abdominal fat accumulation.
Stephen's experience of reducing weight is drinking a cup of Oolong leaf tea before and after meals. Professor Zhang reminds everybody, it's best to drink hot tea, no sugar. Also, don't drink immediately after a meal, every 1 hour or more is appropriate. A cup of tea but also adapting to personal physical fitness, if you feel uncomfortable after a cup of tea, like the stomach or can't sleep, you'd better to stop it. When cooking, it's supposed to control water temperature at about 80 to 90;Drinking in 30 to 60 minutes, otherwise the nutrients in the tea will be oxidized.
Drinking one liter of Oolong Leaf Tea everyday can inhibit the effect of cholesterol to rise. Although the consumption should depend on the conditions of the body, but when the food is too fat, also can match best tea, not only has satiety, also can remove greasy.
Drinking Oolong leaf tea is not only beneficial to human body health, but also add to the fun. But there are three taboo:
First,don't drink on an empty stomach, or you'll feel hungry, dizzy to vomit, which people say is "drunk tea";
Second, don't drink before going to sleep, otherwise difficult to fall asleep;
Third, don't drink cold tea, cold after cold, adverse to the stomach.
The three avoid is especially important,don't drining early, because it contained more polyphenols and caffeine than other tea.
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