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Sip a Cup of Tea to Control High Blood Pressure

8/17 11:53:53
There are many ailments in the human body which if not controlled can cause adverse effect and sometimes threat to life. People have been much aware of all the facts connected to this and take measurable steps to keep their ailments under control. From many years conventional methods have ruled the society with its advantageous reasons and people have been blindly following it, another reason has been that till now there has been no other alternate which is discovered for the same reason. But good news for many people who are specially suffering from Blood pressure which is a severe ailment is that apart from taking continuous medication, people can now try an innovative and new method that is by sipping a cup of tea. Yes, daily consumption of a special tea can actually keep the blood pressure under control and can become a reason for long life.

It is proven that by just sipping a cup of tea, people can actually control the ailment, especially people with hypertension. Doctors have evaluated a tea called Du's tea which is said to be able to naturally lower blood pressure and in some patients, even replace the need to take synthetically produced medicines. These evaluations are potentially exciting for anyone who would like to try and get off their blood pressure medications, but most people probably could. The key ingredient in Du's tea is derived from a so called "ancient plant" from the 4th Ice Age, commonly referred to as "The Living Fossil' by modern geologists. This plant has been researched by scientists for almost 20 years, and they have found this exceptional plant is very rich in various minerals include β-D-dextrose, chlorogenic acid, aucubin and amino acids, which appear to tackle the complex issues of high blood pressure. After undergoing special extraction methods, this remarkable plant has been made into tea bags which can deliver health promoting properties when brewed in hot water. It has been developed and introduced to the market as a tea called 'Du's ancient diet tea' by the speciality tea company, Harmoni-T.

Du's tea, which until recently was unheard of by many health professionals, has now been widely reported to be effective in lowering high blood pressure without significant side-effects among a large hypertension population in the USA where it is causing considerable attention. In some cases, some users reported significant improvement of their blood pressure within just a few days. In Australia, the tea has already been introduced in a capsule form and has gained approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a listed medicine. When asked, "Does this Tea lower blood pressure?,a male Du's tea drinker from Victoria Australia wrote, "Yes, My doctor has helped my blood pressure dosage because of this Tea. Before consuming this tea the normal number of my blood pressure was 159 over 98 but now with the result of consumption of the tea, the number has come down to 110 over 79, so a Happy Bless you for this Tea". An authentic fact is that Du's tea is now available through Amazon and Harmoni-T shops and websites. The taste of the tea is light and delicate with a special aroma. Don't be afraid to try it. You never know what your doctor might say during your next appointment.
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