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The best fitness exercises and gym equipments suitable for women

8/17 11:53:19
In order to stay fit and healthy, visiting a health club in Singapore on a regular basis would be of great help. However, if you are a woman, it is always better to choose a place that has the right set of equipments suitable for you. You will also require the assistance of a trainer who is skilled in assisting the female members at the gym. The exercises and equipments for women are quite different from the ones suitable for men. Here are few factors that will be of great help to you.

Most women tire themselves out in a gym to shed a few pounds of weight and end up losing their zeal. So the energy that they started out with gets quenched out within a few days. Get your routine right and that helps you stay healthy and fit without over tiring yourself.


The ever favorite ones at the women gym in Singapore are usually known to the layman as Cardio. It helps to burn fat and keeps your heart rates at the right range. These exercises are jogging, running, skipping, swimming, bicycling etc. The key point is not to overdo it. Another good thing about cardio is that it requires very less of equipments. Treadmill is one of the most preferred cardio equipments available at the gyms. Since the settings can be adjusted this is one equipment that suits all sorts of women.


As the name suggests it is all about repetition. You should decide the time limit according to your strengths. A time ranging from twenty to forty five minutes will be a good deal. This is done purely in a gym where you use all the equipments. The shorter the time period you use the harder you have to put in an effort. The circuits are then repeated for the total time. Concentrate on pushups, sit ups and abdomen twists. You should also do separate exercise for the upper bo9dy and for the lower body. You can also try a sprint. When you are done with it, do reward yourself with rest at least for a minute.


This one is for the busy women who have no time to spare and would like to get the maximum out in the shortest time possible. This exercise lasts only for four minutes and has break periods in between too. This is referred to as a four minute miracle by fitness experts. You have to do twenty seconds of one pattern of exercise followed by ten seconds of rest and then move on to the next set of exercises. This can range from squats, cardio or others that can give cent percentage of dedication. Doing this may cause you to even feel that you are about to die because it uses up a large part of your energy. This was first used mainly by athletes but now it has been followed in the fitness gym as well. Though it looks and feels torturous it comes with its own benefits. You can lose in four minutes what you tried doing in an hour with your treadmill. It also expands your lung capacity

Regular changes will also help a lot. Keep finding new equipments and exercise methods with the help of your trainer to achieve positive results.
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