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Understanding Medically Supervised Weight Loss

8/17 11:52:56
Medically supervised is all about combining diet and exercise with medical supplements. Typically medically supervised is for people who have health issues and need to lose the weight for their health. However, it can be used by just about anyone. While you may say that taking drugs to lose weight may seem unhealthy and stupid you need to understand what the supplements will do first. Listed below are the different types of medical supplements you may take.

*HGC- used to help people lose weight that have slow metabolisms, unbalanced hormones, or are going through menopause. This type of supplement is best for people who cannot exercise, have health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, and who can follow a low calorie diet.

*Appetite Suppressants- used to help curb hunger in people who cannot seem to stop eating. This particular weight loss supplement is better for people who would like a little more flexibility with their diet, struggle with their hunger, and prefer a steady approach to weight loss.

*Weight loss shots- used to increase the speed of weight loss. These shots are good for people who have a plateau in their weight loss, want more energy, and want to maintain their weight.

There are many other different medical supplements used in medically supervised weight loss. You will work closely with a bariatric physician who will design a weight loss plan that is specific to your needs. This could include working with you medical issues, or designing a weight loss program to lose those last ten pounds. The physician will pick which medical supplements, if any, are needed to help you with weight loss. The bariatric physician will work closely with you as you go through the program, and stay with you while you work to keep the weight off.

In a medically supervised weight loss program, the physician you are working with will often help you design a diet you can follow. While dieting may seem really easy, that is not always the case. Medically supervised weight loss is always about trying to make you feel as healthy as possible, in the safest way possible. The diet, exercise, and medical supplements are all combined with behavior modification work so that you are less at risk for hurting yourself by losing weight improperly as well as making sure that the weight will stay off.

The key to medically supervised weight loss is making sure that you can work closely with your physician and following the rules that are there for you to follow. If you are interested in trying out medically supervised weight loss, or want more information try calling Red Mountain Weight Loss today. They are located across the valley in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, and Scottsdale, so give them a call today.
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