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Complete Weight Loss with Herbalife

8/17 11:52:56
Best weight Loss Shakes

What are you waiting for? Read all about this program!

Herbalife Nutrition Programs are Simple to Follow! (and very Nutritious)

Take the Herbalife supplements included with your program 3 times daily to enhance your weight loss, control your appetite, burn fat and give your body the benefits of healthy nutrition.

Delicious Shakes
Enjoy 2 delicious meal replacement shakes weight loss scientifically formulated to give you the nutrition of a complete meal--satisfying your hunger and your taste buds for easier, healthier weight loss.

Healthy Meal
Eat 1 healthy meal of your choice. You'll never feel deprived or bored and you'll look forward to one of your favorite foods each day. You can enjoy your 1 healthy meal when convenient for you which means you can eat your favorite breakfast, dinner with your family or lunch with co-workers.


About the Advanced Program
The Advanced program is the optimal program to achieve long lasting weight loss results. Designed for people with a medium amount of weight to lose, this Herbalife program forms a solid foundation on which to build on, with the use of extra targeted nutritional supplements scientifically designed by Herbalife.

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How to Use:
Jump start your weight loss by selecting one of the healthy, best weight loss chakes yet delicious tasting, Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes. Mix it up in your blender or shaker cup and enjoy an easy portable meal on the go. Take the nutritional supplements 2 to 3 times per day as indicated on each bottle.

Detailed instructions on this program and when to take each supplement will be emailed to you and are also available for download on this website.

Quick Tip: If you have a blender mix it up a little by adding ice, your own fresh fruit or follow our Delicious & Nutritious Shake Recipes.

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