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Small tips for weight loss by exercise

8/17 11:52:50
However, the following suggestions can slim body healthily and prevent weight rebound effectively.

Stand on one foot and brush my teeth. Brushing your teeth is the first thing to do when you get up in the morning. When you brush teeth, stand on one foot, and bend your knees, such action can stimulate muscles around the abdomen and pelvis, strengthening muscles and achieving the effect of tightening abdomen and leg. Clamp the pillows with two legs when you make up. The next step is to make up after wash, sit in a chair and clamp the pillow with force, which can have the effect of taut leg muscles. When you are tired, have a rest and repeat this action.

Stretch body torso over walking. When you walk to work, it may take time to wait traffic lights, traffic jams or subways, at the same time, you may choose to tighten the hips, stretch the lower abdomen. This not only can help you to get rid of belly fat but also can strengthen your legs and pelvis muscles.

Exercise abdominal muscles over walking. Generally speaking, the majority of people are accustomed to sedentary working patterns, it does not matter, and you can also do abdominal movement. Keep your belly in frequently and hold on to this action for 1 minute, and then take a deep breath consciously which can strengthen the abdominal muscles, achieving the effect of thinning waist.

Stretch stiff muscles in the bathroom. Sit still with long time, inevitably your muscles will feel stiff, so that you can make use of time on the toilet do the stretching actions, so that you can promote the whole body blood circulation and keep body metabolism good. In addition, on the way from work, you can choose walk with stride, which can maintain the balance of the body and lower body muscle and strengthen the power of the waist and ankle. Walking for 30 minutes a day is moderate.

Do squats when you wash the dishes. While dealing with stuff in the kitchen, do squats and maintain this pose for 30 seconds, stand upright when you are tired, you had better do ten squats at least. As long as you stick to the life habits, you slim down successfully, in addition, if you want to stay slim for good, you can combine these tips with using zi xiu tang, this can help you burn more fats, decrease fat accumulation and increase metabolism, and it can suppress your appetite and improve your immunity, it also has the effects of beauty and rejuvenation.
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