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How HCG Diet Plans Can Help Your Reduce Weight Miraculously?

8/17 11:52:34
Do you drool over when you see the toned bodies of slim people around you? Are you fed up of your massive weight? Do you wish to lose fat and become thin again? If yes, then HCG could help you out. As you start using it along with medically recommended very low calories diet, you could experience the change within yourself. All this boils to one question, which is discussed next.

What is HCG?

An abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, HCG is a natural hormone, which is produced during pregnancy in females. Originally, its function is to utilize the stored fat in the woman's body to nourish the fetus. This same hormone plays an effectual role in weight loss in both the male and female bodies. In fact, men are likely to benefit more with the HCG weight loss diet.

Often, excess body weight is all due to the fat deposits, which deters to wither despite intense dieting or exercising. Thankfully, with HCG diet drops, you can increase the chances of parting ways with this problem significantly. It is mostly available in the form of drops, spray or injections that you can take two times a day or as per prescribed. Different companies have their own versions of HCG diet plans, which are supported by the very low calorie diet, better known as VLCD.

If you are interested in knowing about the person behind its discovery, just to enhance your knowledge, he was Dr. A.T.W Simeons, the endocrinologist from Britain. He spent a marathon 40 years before zeroing in on the now popular HCG diet, which he originally documented as Pounds and Inches.

Questions you should ask before buying HCG diet plan

Before choosing the best vendor to purchase HCG, it is better if you enquire the company for some important questions, such as:
  • Will it suit your body if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or lactose intolerant?
  • Won't you feel hungry in spite of the low calories present in the HCG diet drops?
  • After you complete the maintenance phase of HCG diet plans, can you eat everything?
  • Is it safe to use HCG drops that the company is offering you?
  • Can you go on a HCG diet while nursing a baby?
  • Will it be ok if you take organic food along with the dietary programme?
  • What if you exercise during your diet?
  • Will the HCG diet affect any of your ongoing medication or health condition?
Likewise, you can ask many more related questions from the concerned vendor. If you think the company has answered all your queries satisfyingly, you may proceed to buy the product. Having said that, the 'Liberate Yourself' dietary programme by Dr Simeons Weight Loss Diet is noteworthy. You can count on it, since the company knows its product very well and provides the most renowned plan for HCG diet in Australia.
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