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Useful information on vaser liposuction

8/17 11:50:27
What is vaser liposuction?
Over the years the popularity of this outpatient procedure has increased tremendously. Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance or VASER is another name for a weight loss surgery that makes life easier. This process involves the use of ultrasound energy to melt fat that is liquefied and then suctioned out of the body. For this it is sometime referred to as ultrasound assisted liposuction too. Nonetheless this procedure provides minimal damage to connective blood vessels and tissues in the body. In fact the skin gets tightened as the production of elastin and collagen takes place faster as the fat is removed. Additionally it causes least bruising and is considered to be almost a painless method.
Benefits of this procedure
There is no need to explain that it is a quick process and patients undergoing this treatment tend to notice the changes very fast. Some more points can be added to this list like:
* This does not take much time heal and people can resume their work in a while after this surgery.

* It increases the healing process and keeps the skin retracted.

* This procedure enables to remove fat in large quantity.

* Sculpting of delicate areas like chin, love handles, abdomen, thighs, arms and back can also be done without much of a difficulty.

* Vaser liposuction procedure seems to be a good option when patients seek losing fat from specific areas too!
All this certainly shows that this is a simple procedure that can be performed on people to offer them maximum benefits. This surgery reshapes your body by providing it natural contours and this is one of the reasons why this surgery has gained in so much of popularity.
A suitable candidate
A few of these things have to match in order to undergo this surgery, like:
* Patients have to be 18 years or above in age for undergoing vaser liposuction.

* A patient must not be obese.

* Someone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, post pregnancy or just taking it up as a weight loss measure.

* Skin elasticity has to be present in a patient as it will help to reach that aesthetic results post surgery as well as this would not cause any complications.
Many a vaser liposuction clinic offers affordable vaser liposuction but that depends on lot of factors like geographical location and also the experience of the surgeons performing the surgery. Talking about which brings us to the name of Nu Cosmetic Clinic that has really impressed European cities like Preston, Liverpool, Bolton, Leamington and London with its expertise; and now has eyed Indian cities like Bangalore and Mumbai for more.
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