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Reaping Health Benefits from Mediterranean Diet

8/17 11:49:48
It is said that Mediterranean diet is the healthiest and it's very easy seeing why. The diet brings together a lot of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, legumes and whole grains among other foods. Enhanced weight loss is one of the many health benefits to gain from taking this diet while the anti aging effect is very much visible. The following are some of the top secrets to help you get the best and reap maximum health benefits from a Mediterranean diet.

* Replace margarine and butter- olive oil will be a good substitute for margarine and butter in your diet. It is unsaturated thus making it the best for baking and cooking. There are other oils derived from plants like walnut oil and canola which will also be good for consideration.
* Beef up proteins- a Mediterranean diet needs a lot of proteins which you should be ready to provide and in required amounts. Beans, fish, turkey and chicken are some of the sources for this which should be included in your diet. Once you have the right intake for proteins, you will remain healthy for longer and shore up your anti aging efforts since unhealthy people grow old very fast.
* Eat more vegetables- your Mediterranean diet needs a lot of vegetables so make sure you take enough across the whole day. A minimum of three servings and maximum of eight servings are enough for a day. You are advised to choose vegetables of different colors so as to allow for supply of different vitamins and antioxidants into the body.
* Grains are vital- from rice to pasta and wholegrain bread, make sure your diet includes enough grains and they should be whole. The good thing with going for whole other than refined grains is that nutrients are uninterrupted and you will enjoy the best nutritional value. It will also be a healthy way to make sure you succeed in realizing your anti aging mission. You will look as young as ever even in your 60s and 70s.
* Fruits dessert- there is many foods that make up desserts but fruits should dominate your plate when you are dealing with a Mediterranean diet. Fresh fruits will always supply your body with vitamin C, fiber as well as antioxidants. You have no reason to ignore a fruit dessert after your meal if at all you want to live healthy.
* Limit alcohol consumption- it is advisable that you don't take more than two glasses of alcohol after a meal. Alcohol can have very adverse effects on one's life so you should not mix that with your diet. Furthermore, your anti aging efforts will be compromised once you continue drinking a lot of alcohol.
As you must have noticed, requirements for a Mediterranean diet are a bit strict as compared to others. Whether you like it or not, it is good that you observe these requirements to the letter because it is for the betterment of your health. Do not treat anything with contempt.
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