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Build muscle and lose fat simultaneously

8/17 11:49:19
Your body is made up naturally of muscles and fats. Muscles are used for movement, contraction and prevent the body from sagging. Your heart has muscles, and it is responsible for the heart's pumping ability. FATS also are common to see around the body. It serves as a cushion from any harmful things that may come in contact with the body. It gives us a warm feeling when shivering and it participate in the production of nails, skin and hair. They are as well important for controlling and reducing inflammation, blood clotting, and brain development. So it is not bad to eat fats, but choose the essential fatty acids and the monounsaturated fats.

To build muscle and lose fat the first step is start eating smaller meals 4-6 times a day as opposed to the typical 3 meals a day we're accustomed to. Your meals should contain healthy sources of protein and natural starches as well as fibrous carbs. However, to build muscle and lose fat, you should avoid eating starches at night. You should also cut out sugar and fat from your diet, except a moderate amount of fruits and dairy products, and good sources of healthy fats such walnuts, olive oil, and fatty fish such as salmon.
I also recommend drinking at least 12 glasses of spring or filtered water to keep you hydrated which will help you build muscle and lose fat. My research has also shown that drinking 3-5 cups of green tea daily has significant health benefits, and will also help you build muscle and lose fat.

The efficient way to lose inches from fat is the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy used; for an effective losing of inches from fat, one must have more energy to use than consume. Eat less but nutritious, complete and well balanced. Workout just enough to burn more calories and eventually lose inches from fat.

Do you starve yourself to death to achieve a 24 inches waist line, a thinner arms and a "bootylicious" hips? Well, Good Luck To You! When the body goes into a starvation mode, the body will start to use fat and muscles for energy because the body already feels that you are no longer taking in enough food to support the body for proper function. So what happens? Your body's rate of metabolism and calorie/fat burning process will begin to slow down, allowing you to gain weight. So if you have been starving all this time and wondering why still it has not worked, change that strategy. Instead, have a small frequent diet. Make sure your food contains necessary nutrients such as protein, fats and carbohydrates.

One important thing to keep in mind when you are focusing on losing fat without losing muscle is that you can't trust your scale. It is easy to fall into the trap of putting a lot of importance on your weight; however the numbers on the scale are not necessarily an accurate reflection of what is happening with your body.
Many people start a diet or exercise program only to get frustrated and give up because they don't see the scale budging, however if they would look at their body measurements they would see that they had actually lost inches and are more firm and toned than when they began. Rather than watching your scale, take your body measurements and try to get measurements of your body fat percentage that you can refer back to track your progress

Focusing your efforts on losing fat rather than losing weight is the only way you will get the toned body that you want. You should incorporate strength training to build muscle, cardio workouts and a proper diet specifically designed to target losing fat rather than losing weight to see the fastest fat loss results.

As I have suggested in this article, what you want to do instead is build muscle and lose fat by improving your diet, starting a strength/resistance training routine, and doing regular aerobic exercise until you have your reached your fat loss goal. In doing so, you will build muscle and lose fat without resorting to supplements, and before you know it everyone around you will be asking what your secret is.

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