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Directions to follow while hcg weight loss diet

8/17 11:49:16
If you have decided to go for hcg weight loss diet then there are some of the directions that you need to follow.

One fact that you need to know is that hcg weight loss diet will work only to the extent that you do. This refers that you need to be very carefully about making the correct food choices and taking hcg dose on the basis of the directions. With this you will be able to do hcg program in the effective manner.

Prior to getting started with your 20 or 40 day program of consuming 500 calories a day you will have to treat yourself to some wild indulgence in which you can consume fatty foods you can possibly eat. This might continue for two days. Taking into account that 500 calorie diet will comprise of nothing but lean meats and fresh and plain vegetables which are organic. Another thing that you can consume is organic coffee and different teas.

It's a challenge that first two days of your hcg weight loss diet can be challenging. Once you have enjoyed all your favorite fatty foods you will suddenly be eliminating all fat from your life. You can have small chicken breast and vegetables for lunch and some of fish or lean beef and other vegetables for dinner. In breakfast you can consume organic coffee or tea.

You will feel genuine hunger for one or two days when you get started with hcg weight loss diet. However after the second day hcg will start working for you. Your system will be flooded with nutrient rich food which will keep your metabolism going through eradicating your hunger. On top of that you will notice those pounds disappearing and this will keep you motivated further.

In case your body has choices it will gain the needed fat from any other sources which comprise of skin cream and soap. You should avoid these kinds of products as these contain vegetable fat. At times it seems tough keep in mind that it is only for forty days. Once this period is gone you need to stop consuming hcg and allow your body to develop tolerance.

These are the few directions that you need to keep in mind at the time you are on hcg weight loss diet. Also make sure that you consult the doctor before going on such diet. With this you will be sure that hcg will be suitable to your body condition. Hence there will be no health risk associated when you are on this diet.
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