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Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss - Heres Why

8/17 11:49:10
People are always asking me if hypnosis michigan works for things like weight loss or to quit smoking or to relieve stress along with a wide variety of circumstances and the answer is almost always "yes." The reason my answer is almost always yes is because all of your emotions and most of your behaviors are either controlled entirely or greatly influenced by your unconscious mind and the unconscious mind is where hypnosis michigan and Neuro-Linguistic Programming works effectively to create the lasting positive changes people are wanting.
Let's take weight loss as an example. Eating is very much an unconscious behavior. People eat for a variety of reasons, the least of which normally is healthy nutrition. People eat when they're stressed, bored, depressed, celebrating, tired, anxious, being social and from time to time to nourish their body. All these reasons, except healthy eating, are controlled by the unconscious part of your mind.
That's why diets alone don't work. Diets that limit your intake, programs consisting of pre-packaged foods, or meetings that focus on what and how much you eat don't do anything to change the behaviors that put on weight in the first place. Meetings may even educate you as to understanding your "triggers" (code for unconscious responses) for eating but understanding them doesn't do anything to change them. All they do is resist them for the short term. The problem is, your unconscious mind is very patient and waits for that opening that almost certainly will appear, where it can resume the unhealthy behaviors. I'm reminded of those trick birthday candles that you can blow out again and again but once you stop blowing, they light right back up.
In order to permanently replace the behaviors that put the weight on in the first place with new healthier behaviors, you have to literally "reprogram" that unconscious part of your mind by teaching it new, healthier behaviors. Hypnosis and NLP were designed to do exactly that. The unconscious mind is constantly learning new skills and improving existing ones all on its own without your direction. But, as quick as it is to learn things it wants to learn, it can and does often resist your conscious attempts to make it change behaviors you want it to change. That's why you can find yourself backsliding even if you don't want to...even if your health depends upon it. Using hypnosis michigan and NLP, your unconscious mind becomes receptive to change...to learning new behaviors and the techniques used are designed to teach these new behaviors in the way that the unconscious mind likes to learn.
What you eat and how much you eat are the symptoms of your unconscious mind's well intentioned behaviors. Changing the "what" and the "how much" only treats the symptom without addressing the cause. When you change the "why" and the "how" you eat and support those changes with proper goal setting, you'll find the "what" and "how much" changing naturally and without sacrifice. You'll be surprised and delighted how easily the weight will begin to come off once your unconscious mind is working for your weight loss goals instead of against it. Hypnosis and NLP have been proven to be a very effective tool for making those changes when will power isn't enough.
Get started reaching your ultimate weight loss goal by scheduling an session today. Most people find the entire experience to be extremely relaxing and pleasurable.
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