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Gym in Bur Dubai offering world class infrastructure

8/17 11:47:58
Yoga is said to have originated in 500 BC and is said to be based on the postures observed from nature among the plants and animals. Health professionals and numerous health researchers are of the opinion that the practice of this art of yoga helps stay away from most of the health disorders for a long time. From the yoga of patanjali, the art has found various new forms such as hatha yoga, power yoga, kundalini yoga, ashtanga yoga etc. It is often said that the practice of the surya namaskara alone would derive optimum health to the individuals and keep them free from any form of health ailments. Thus, ensuring good health and long life. Yoga basically involves a lot of stretching of the bodily muscles, which helps maintain flexibility of the human body. Besides, it also strengthens the joints, muscles and bones of the individuals.

Research studies also establish that the practice of yoga is also very helpful in fighting health conditions such as high or low blood sugar levels in the body, chronic diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, bone and muscle disorders, arthritis, spondylitis, etc. Yoga classes in Dubai are now very easily available at most of the gyms and health centres. These help the individuals especially the older citizens to keep fit and maintain overall good health. It also improves the quality of sleep in individuals and are beneficial in fighting insomnia.

The gyms in Bur Dubai offer not just regular gym facilities, but also provide a number of other health packages. The gyms are all equipped with the latest state of the art tools and equipment that include free weights, dumb bells, cross trainers, tread mills, elliptical trainers, flexion machines, resistance bands, wall bars, etc. The cutting edge technology equipment assist the gym users in attaining their health goals and maintaining high levels of fitness generally. The gyms also employ the best and well-qualified trainers who ensure that the individuals enrolling in the gym achieve their health and fitness goals, within the time frame.

A good workout is a definite necessity considering the fact that majority of the individuals in the present times, do not have any kind of daily physical activity. The health clubs in Dubai have been able to make the change by offering a number of services which include alternative forms of workouts too such as swimming, Zumba, power yoga, trampolining, kick boxing, martial arts, etc.
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