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Weigh in With Jen: Part 6 – First Week on the Plan

8/16 17:51:39
Last updated: Feb 28, 2008 I was excited about starting my first week on my new portion-controlled eating plan. I downloaded a little computer program that sat on my desktop and counted my POINTS, and I was enjoying my menu of Lean Cuisine steak-and-mushroom paninis (6 POINTS) and sugar-free, double-chocolate Jell-O pudding (1 POINT!). I was also pleased that my Weight Watchers plan had a minimum intake attached, so I wasn't tempted to undereat and break my goal of incorporating small changes, not to mention just asking for a reactive binge.

I called mom around dinnertime on the first day.

"How's the diet going?" I asked.

"Great—I've only had FOUR POINTS all day!" she crowed.

That was about 20 percent of her recommended minimum intake. To think I wondered where I picked up my lack of moderation.

"Mom, you know this isn't a competition to see who can eat the least amount of points, right?" I asked.

"Oh," she said.

That settled, I stuck to my plan as closely as possible. I was a little hungry for most of the week, but not starved. If necessary, I could've chosen some no-POINTS foods to stave off the munchies, but I didn't find it necessary. In other words, I was hungry, but I wasn't celery hungry.

I couldn't wait for my first weigh-in. I think you always lose the most the first week, which gives you a boost of motivation for the slower weeks ahead. I was still committed to losing it slowly—maybe even over an entire year—but I wanted the results from those first seven days to show me I was on the right track.

I wasn't disappointed; I lost 3.8 lbs. the first week. Maybe not enough to change a size or anything, but certainly enough to prove I could still eat what I loved and lose weight. I couldn't wait for next week.

Current weight: 183.2
Weight Lost: 3.8 lb.

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