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Cognitive Benefits Of Cycling

8/17 11:45:59
With such a busy and hectic schedule, it can be many a times become literally impossible to find some additional time in the day. According to many experts and trained professionals, making the best use of the available time is no doubt the key to living better throughout the day. No wonder, it is easier said than done and when one is crunched for time, it is more likely to maintain healthy living habits for a long time period.

Recent studies are showing that cycling also makes you smarter and happier. Everyone knows that cycling has its benefits, when it comes to providing you with a fitter body. But recently research has showed that biking has its advantages of the mind in addition to body. It can sharpen the thinking of the brain and also can be helpful in melting away stress - giving you a happier you!

Exercising fertilises the brain. The grey matter also experiences an overhaul with creation of rich capillary beds with the numerous hours spent in turning the cranks. Thus exercise increases the flow of blood and the number of blood vessels in the brain and muscles. This makes more nutrients and oxygen available to the brain to work.

As one pedals, the nerve cells are forced and fire and light up. With the lightening up of neurons, brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) production is intensified. BDNF is a brain protein. The activity also increases release of a compound called the noggin, which is helpful in promoting formation of new cells. Thus, there is literally building up of brain as the production of neuron is doubled or tripled. Also the activity helps in release of the neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the messengers of the brain cells - consequently brain achieves a faster and a better functioning with improved communication between the neurons.

As we age our brain weakens with cells dying, causing the brain to shrink and making the connections weak. Research has shown that even in 3 months of cycling, brain volume showed an increase of 3 months. Exercise, thus is vital to restoring and protecting any organ of the body. Thus there are profound benefits of exercising to cyclists. With a brain that is bigger in volume, has active cells, and is more connected makes a person naturally smarter. As compared to sedentary individuals, it is seen that people who exercise have improved concentration levels, better memory skills, sharper fluid thinking and more problem solving ability.

Those who want to take forward their fitness journey ahead can get started with simple cycling exercises. Being one of the easiest ways to get in shape and maintain the fitness standards, cycling has been helping many individuals to reach their goals.
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