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Propylene Carbonate

8/17 11:28:15

Propylene carbonate is a chemical substrate with a wide range of purposes. Most notably, it has recently been linked to Propolene diet products, an innovative new line of dietary supplements. However, its roots are in chemistry and engineering, and it fills a wide range of very useful functions.

Propylene carbonate is actually a liquid substance with no color. In chemistry circles, it goes by the name carbonic acid cyclic methylethylene ester. In this form, propylene carbonate may be irritating to eyes or skin, and may be harmful to ingest. However, overall it is considered low in toxicity and flexible in terms of its multiple uses.

Propylene Carbonate
Derivatives of this substance can be found in detergents, plastics, and an array of other goods. Most recently, propylene carbonate has been found useful in preserving the shelf life of lithium batteries. Given all this, you might be wondering how it ended up in diet products. After all, how can one product fill so many diverse purposes?

The answer to this is unclear. However, the makers of Propolene diet pills are quick to ensure that the diet product itself is all-natural, and that it works by increasing daily consumption of soluble dietary fiber. This would appear plausible given the multiple other uses of propylene, but one should do some homework before taking this at face value.

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