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Xenadrine Efx For Fat Loss

8/17 11:27:57

Clinical studies have shown that Xenadrine EFX is one of the most effective alternatives to ephedra weight loss supplements. Xenadrine EFX contains ingredients such as Green Tea extract, PEA, Yerba Mate, and Tyrosine to promote fat loss and increase energy levels. By replacing ephedra with these ingredients, the possibility of experiencing negative side effects when using Xenadrine has decreased significantly. Though some individuals have experienced increased thirst levels, sweating, heart rate, dizziness, and anxiety, most Xenadrine EFX users do not experience any side effects.

Proving the Effectiveness of Xenadrine EFX for Fat Loss

One clinical study shows that participants in a Xenadrine group experienced 759 percent more weight loss than a placebo group in a six week period. The Xenadrine group also achieved a significant increase in lean muscle mass when compared to the placebo group. In this particular study, none of the subjects experienced negative side effects from taking Xenadrine EFX. Though side effects are uncommon in clinical studies of Xenadrine EFX, all users should be cautious when taking this supplement or any other fat loss supplements.

A leading independent clinical testing laboratory conducted an additional study of the Xenadrine EFX formula. This study concluded that fat loss was increased by 1,700 percent over a placebo. Other studies of Xenadrine EFX have shown that the supplement can increase metabolic rates by up to 13.41 percent. Subjects in various studies also burned five percent more calories than those who took ephedra-based Metab-O-Lite or Dexatrim Natural.

Xenadrine EFX is effective for breaking down fat because of its thermogenic fat burning and lipolysis stimulating ingredients. Tyrosine and Green Tea extract are the main ingredients for fat loss in the formula. In addition to providing great fat-burning results, Xenadrine also includes ingredients that are beneficial to overall health. The formula contains many natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Xenadrine EFX also includes Green Tea extract and Grape Seed extract which are great antioxidants.

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