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Spark Of Life

8/17 11:26:31

Spark of Life is a daily vitamin and herbal supplement that is designed to meet your daily nutritional needs for maintaining energy and overall health. This supplement comes in liquid form, and is meant to be drunk, either alone, or mixed in with a beverage, such as juice or water. Adults should take one capful daily, while children five years of age and over, can take 1/2 teaspoon for each 20 pounds of body weight.

This dietary herbal supplement is packed with a powerful combination of vitamins, ionized minerals, amino acids, an essential fatty acid, and herbs that can give you more energy and endurance, while supplying your body with the nutrition it requires to function properly. Each serving contains only 40 calories, with less than one gram of fat. It contains Chromium Picolinate which is helpful in losing body fat, which is even more powerful when taken with the AM 300 supplement for weight loss/management.

Spark of Life for Vitality

You can balance your body naturally with Spark of Life liquid supplement. Your body is better able to utilize the vitamins and minerals in this supplement because they can reach the organs and cells in your body faster than a pill can. Pills have to travel through the entire digestive system and be broken down before they can actually be used at the cellular level. This liquid formula is able to bypass that whole process and get absorbed readily into the bloodstream, where it immediately goes to work for you.

By taking this supplement, you can feel renewed energy and zest for life. Fatigue will begin to melt away, and your mind and body will become more alert and ready to tackle the challenges of day to day life. Spark of Life supplement is the key to getting the spark back in your life!

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