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Bulk Lollipops

8/17 11:26:18

A while ago Oprah Winfrey gave away cars to every member of her studio audience. The event was covered in the news, and discussed on late night television for weeks. While most of us can't afford to be as generous as the queen of daytime television, we can give our guests, customers, and clients a number of smaller items to remember us by.

Many different companies invest in customized items for giveaways and promotional purposes. One of the most affordable, and fun-filled items to give away is lollipops. You can buy these items in bulk and give them away to thousands of people. You can even have your company logo or name printed on the wrapper for marketing purposes.

Investing in Bulk Lollipops

Many small business owners supplement their incomes with items for sale at the cash register. You're certainly not going to get rich selling one lollipop at a time, but you can increase your net profits by selling things like lollipops, candy or gum in addition to your higher priced items. You can buy these items in bulk online or at a local membership store such as Costco.

One of the other reasons people invest in bulk lollipops is for weight loss. Believe it or not, you can actually eat a special "diet" lollipop before your meal to significantly reduce your appetite. People who use diet lollipops for weight loss often eat as many as six lollipops a day. Six lollipops a day can add up quickly if you don't invest in bulk lollipops.

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