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5 Tips for Goal-Setting Success

8/16 17:44:06

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Focus your goals

It wasn't until I read an article about how to make a "SMART" weight-loss goal that I could transform my "lose weight" resolution into a much more attainable goal.


Here's how I set a SMART goal that helped me lose 25 pounds, which I've kept off for nearly seven years.

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Set a specific goal

A goal needs to be as specific as possible so you can work toward it and achieve it. "Lose weight" as a goal was too vague. What exactly did I wanted to achieve and how? Why do I want to do it?

During this time in my life, I put on quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. I was lethargic, unmotivated, and really unhappy, so I knew a big part of my goal was getting back to my previous weight. I wanted to feel happy and full of energy from a healthy diet and exercise, which was a much better goal than just to lose weight.

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Make goals measurable

If I didn't make my goal measurable, I couldn't know when I reached it. Whether it was pounds or inches lost or how my clothing fit, setting a measurable goal was key to achieving it. My measurable goal was 25 pounds at a healthy rate of a half-pound to a pound per week.

I tracked my progress by writing down each half-pound lost, which broke down my goal into smaller ones. I saw little victories right off the bat. These successes built momentum, so my excitement and confidence kept me motivated toward my overall goal.

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Be accountable

In the past, I kept a paper-and-pen food journal, but I never lasted more than a few days. It was time-consuming and inconvenient to calculate all those calories, so hundreds of them often went unaccounted for each day.

So I used a more convenient online food journal to track my intake and be responsible for everything that went into my mouth. I also started blogging on Carrots 'N' Cake, and having thousands of people read my blog keeps me on track every day.

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Set a realistic goal

I also made sure my goal was realistic for me. I didn't want to make it too difficult because I might get discouraged, but I also knew losing 25 pounds wouldn't be easy.

I needed to see myself reaching the goal. It needed to be challenging without being overwhelming. Could I lose 25 pounds through healthy lifestyle changes such as eating a nutritious and balanced diet and exercising regularly? Of course I could, and I believed I could do it!

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Have a timeframe

If my goal didn't have a time limit, I knew I'd have trouble starting and staying motivated until the end. So I gave myself six months to lose the weight, and this gave me a target date to work toward. It ended up taking me longer, but once I started seeing results on the scale and with how my clothing fit, it motivated me to achieve my ultimate goal.

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