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Human Fat Loss GPS

8/22 10:58:45

I was driving the other day to meet with a company we work with — heading to Nashville TN.  It’s a straight drive from Louisville…except when there is construction and some areas of the highway are closed to 1 lane and there’s instead a TON of traffic.

Fortunately the GPS then offered a detour telling me that there was traffic ahead.  It’s smart like that.


For those who have them, it also tells you when you make a wrong turn that you need to make a U turn to get back on track.

And it got me thinking.  Wouldn’t it be cool if our bodies inherently had one of those for food choices?

We go out with friends one night, have some drinks, appetizers, dinner, dessert, more drinks.  Repeat.

The ‘problem’ with doing this is not that it was one night of a lot of junk calories and alcohol, but instead it’s that the one night usually turns into a downward spiral of continued poor choices.

THAT is what leads to overweight, obesity … and gaining belly fat.

If you had that Human GPS, though, it would simply tell you to "make a U Turn" after your "diet challenged" evening.


And it’s exactly how you have to think.

If you have 1 "bad" night out.  No worries.  It’s part of the 10% rule we talk about — eat well 90% of the time and allow a little "freedom" the other 10%.  Then just get RIGHT back on track and it will be like you never skipped a beat.

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