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Weight Loss: Abs Diet Workout Worksheet  

8/22 10:32:12

Like naked bodies, all workouts are not made alike. If you're currently not exercising, then anything is better than a nightly chips festival on the love seat. But for the most powerful workouts for burning fat and adding muscle, follow the Abs Diet Workout Worksheet.


Your goal here is to amass a total of 40 points per week. For each activity, you get full credit for doing the activity continuously for 20 minutes. Exercises in the Abs Diet Workout give you the highest number of points, but if you can't keep to that workout schedule, you can sneak in a few extra points here and there to make your workout work. Don't try to go over 40 points a week, though--there's no extra credit for total exhaustion.


10 POINTS (for each 20 minutes spent)

Abs Diet Circuit

Abdominals Circuit

Interval Training (solo sport: running, swimming, cycling, or machine)


6 POINTS (for each 30 minutes spent)

Abs-specific classes

Basketball (full-court)

Boot Camp classes


Bull running, Pamplona

Calisthenics: pushups, pullups, situps

Cross-country skiing, hilly

Hiking, hilly

Hockey, inline or ice

Mountain biking, intermediate to advanced, hilly course

Pilates, advanced

Power lifting

Snowshoeing, hilly

Spinning classes

Sports-conditioning classes

Stairclimbing, stadium stairs

Strength training, noncircuit

Volleyball, beach, competitive


4 POINTS (for each 30 minutes spent)

Basketball, (half-court)

BOSU classes


Inline skating, steady

Downhill skiing, intermediate to advanced

Kickboxing classes

Martial arts

Pilates, beginner


Rowing machine, steady pace



Step classes


resistance bands

Strength-training, ultra-light weights


Swimming, steady pace

Tennis, competitive

Ultimate Frisbee

Volleyball, indoor

Yoga, advanced or power

3 POINTS (for every 30 minutes spent)

Adventure racing

Cross-country skiing, flat

Cycling, road, steady pace, flat

Dance-aerobic classes

Downhill skiing, easy

Fishing, big-league tuna

Golf, without cart

Hiking, flat

Jogging, steady pace


Rock climbing


Stairclimbing machine, steady pace

Tennis, recreational

Urban Rebounding classes

Volleyball, beach, recreational

Walking, brisk

Yoga, beginner


2 POINTS (for every 30 minutes spent)

Basketball, solo


Fishing, recreational

Frisbee golf


Golf, driving range

Golf, with cart

Ice skating, recreational


Stretching, general

Walking, slow

Water aerobics classes

Wrestling, with kids

Yoga, meditative

Track Yourself The Abs Diet Online makes it easy to track your workouts and make sure you are hitting your 40 points each week. Join today for full access.
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