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Abs Diet: Belly Off Weight Loss Success Story  

8/22 10:29:11
Meet Mark MeadorJOB: Corporate recruiter for Nationwide Insurance HOME: Westerville, Ohio AGE: 36 HEIGHT: 5'8'' WEIGHT BEFORE: 207 WEIGHT AFTER: 168The GainMeador ran track in high school, but when he stopped, he stopped. He hardly exercised at all, ate big breakfasts and plenty of fried foods, and indulged his weakness for Little Debbie snack cakes. He figures he drank more than 50 sodas or glasses of Kool-Aid every week. He rounded out at 207 pounds.The Change

A friend flipping through a photo album told Meador he looked like Big Pun, the obese rapper who died after a heart attack in 2000.

Then Meador's 3-year-old daughter looked at his belly and asked, "Daddy, are you having a baby?" Meador recalls, "I laughed at the time, but inside I was crushed.

That day was the day I knew I had to do something about my weight." His diet change was simple: He kept eating chicken and fish, but only baked, never fried; and gave up all sugary drinks. His exercise was 5:30 a.m. Tae Bo sessions.

The ResultsIn the first week, Meador lost 8 pounds. In 4 months, 39 pounds. In addition to his morning routine, he started doing Tae Bo ab and glute workouts with his daughters after work. Bonus: His chronic headaches disappeared.The RewardCoworkers were so impressed they asked him to start an exercise class, and he inspired his sisters to work out. He felt so good about his new body, he bought himself a new car.Mark's WorkoutOne hour of Tae Bo each morning, with an ab and glute workout three evenings a week. Twice a week he lifts weights.Mark's Tips

"Be patient. At first I dropped 8 pounds, then I hit a plateau and got worried. But then more started to go. Work out, stay focused, and it will happen."

"Establish a routine. I wake up at 5:30 every morning, so it's easy not to fall out of the morning workout habit."

"I still eat my Little Debbie Chocolate Gels every day--but only one now, never the whole box."

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