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Dr. Dion Presents: Childhood Obesity - Is This Epidemic the Beginning of the End?

8/26 16:31:11

Sad to say but there are many different reasons why children become overweight and obese. One of the most commons causes are an environmental factors such as limited physical activity, unhealthy eating or more than likely a combination of both.

Childhood obesity has rapidly increased over the last 30 years. It has greatly impacted our children's health and fitness. It is now estimated that 35% of all American children ages 2 to 18 are considered overweight with approximately 25-35 % of them being considered obese.

It is also reported that children who suffer from obesity have a higher risk of remaining overweight during their adult years. This will greatly increase their risk of all major chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and cancer.

Obesity is often directly related to many medical conditions. Nowadays children spend too much time watching the screen. They are constantly on their phones, watching TV or playing games on computers and usually eating unhealthy snacks at the same time.

It is important for parents to become excellent role models for their children by their actions and not just in their words. You must act quickly the moment they start seeing their child may be packing on some extra pounds.

Not only is child obesity a problem now in developed countries but also in under developed countries. Obesity also prematurely exposes your children to adult chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and different forms of cancer.

Children's bodies begin to adapt and go through many changes as they grow into adulthood. As they mature they must be conditioned to make smarter healthier food choices and inspired to always be physically active in order to stay healthy and fit throughout their lives.

An important part of your child's daily activities should be physical activity. If your child is involved in sports or spends a lot of time outdoors they are probably getting plenty of exercise as is.

It is vital to support your children and all activities especially active ones that can help promote a healthy lifestyle and help them understand how to lose weight and keep it off if ever necessary.

However if your child spends most of their time sitting at the computer and playing games then they are not moving and getting enough activity. It is up to the parents to see that their children eat nutritiously and have a certain amount of physical activity each day.

Another thing which is important is healthy nutritious eating. Children need to incorporate much healthier eating habits immediately to stop this trend of childhood obesity assumes possible. Their diets should include lots of vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and pure water.

Vegetables are full of minerals and nutrients should be included in every meal and you should teach your children how to make intelligent and healthy food choices.

By becoming excellent role models for your children and implementing some of these simple weight loss tips it can definitely help you and your child lose the extra layers of unwanted fat and to keep it off for good.

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