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Facts About Losing Weight

8/26 16:31:09

No person will lose weight healthy by starvation. Nutritionists recommend that anyone, regardless of age or sex, to eat every day at least 5 fruits and vegetables, but those in the diet should be aware that they can exceed this amount.

Fruits and vegetables have very few calories, are full of fiber and water, which gives us the feeling of satiety and prevents us to "pick" between meals.

A diet based mainly on this type of food provide us all the nutrients the body needs, and we watch the famous yo-yo effect of dieting, keeping our weight constant and skin hydrated so that cellulite not to become a problem.

Men find easier to lose weight because fat tissue in the upper body is more easily removed through diet. For women, the situation is reversed - fat accumulates easily and remove hard. Culprits are estrogens, female hormones, which offers predisposition to gain weight.

To understand and treat childhood obesity you need to know the possible causes. These may be genetic, biological, or behavioral. When one or both parents are obese the likelihood of having a baby with body weight over the limit is between 50 and 80 %. Also, hormonal imbalances can lead to childhood obesity.

In approximately 70% of childhood obesity is due to unhealthy eating habits. Diet is an extremely important factor in a child's life. A healthy diet provides the body with necessary vitamins and minerals beneficial for good body development. Food from fast food and prefabricated food contains high calories and are fortified with substances harmful to the body. Unfortunately, parents provide this type of food more often, children without realizing that they put their health at risk.

The best way to lose weight is eating at fixed times, without excesses and choosing foods that give us the full range of nutrients. Drastic diets (cabbage soup, rice or wheat boiled without salt, etc.) do nothing but deprive you of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and carbohydrates. Keep in mind that weight gain is generally determined by the wrong combination between foods such as meat and potatoes or pasta or rice bread.

After many drastic diets, the body reacts very hard on a new diet, because your metabolism drops. Therefore, the worst results are seen in women who have tried all kinds of diets.

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