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Easy and unusual ways to lose weight without exercising

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Weight loss is a constant worry that haunts many every day. Whether it is to look your best on your D-Day or shed some kilos to fit into that old pair of jeans again – reasons are many but how often do you see the results? If you too suffer from lack of motivation to get up and hit the gym, or are too pressed for time here are some ideas that will help you lose weight without much trouble.

If you think this is about crash diets and starving yourselves then you are wrong. There are various other healthy ways to lose weight, slowly but surely.A simple way to start off is to monitor your diet and keep a count of the calories you consume and burn. This way, you will be more aware and conscious of your diet and fitness and it will add a great deal in shedding those kilos quickly. You can download apps to keep a tab on them or maintain a food diary.Just by keeping active throughout the day and eating mindfully goes a long way. Following these 10 diet habits can guarantee weight loss. Here are a few tips that can help you get started:

(Please note that all the below numbers have been calculated considering an average weight of 70 kg and average duration taken of 10 minutes)

Healthy habits

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator: This is a free gym on the platter for you. An excellent way to burn calories. While walking upstairs will relatively burn more calories, even walking downstairs will. You can burn up to 190 calories if you are going upstairs for 10 minutes and up to 100 while coming down.

Walking: You don’t always have to sprint or run marathons to burn fat. Even light walking will do the trick. So the next time you go down to the grocery store, instead of taking out your car, walk to the store and back with the bags. This will help you burn 36 calories in a matter of 10 minutes. Also, try these simple breathing exercises to lose weight easily.

Stretching: Your body can get stiff if you don’t stretch it at regular intervals. Stretching not only allows the blood to circulate well to all parts but it also helps burn some amounts of calories as well – up to 30 in 10 minutes.

House work

Doing tasks like cooking, mopping the floor, dusting, washing the dishes and ironing your clothes are excellent ways to burn some amounts of calories. You may not realise it but it will definitely help you digest your food and burn fat. Here is the number of calories you can burn while doing simple household chores calculated according to the given details above.

Washing the dishes – 28 calories

Ironing your clothes – 28 calories

Mopping the floor – 42 calories

Taking out trash, dusting, etc – 29 calories

Cooking – 36 calories

Scrubbing bathroom floor – 46 calories

Making bed – 24 calories

Watering plants – 30 calories

Did you know that drinking green tea can also help you burn calories?

Leisure activities

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a leisure moment like watching TV plonked on the couch after a day’s work or taking a nap in the noon? But did you know that you are burning calories while doing these activities even while eating? Here’s a list of such tasks.

Dancing – 58 calories

Eating – 18 calories

Watching TV – 11 calories

Hairstyling – 30 calories

Reading – 11 calories

Sleeping – 10 calories

Sexual activities

You may have heard that indulging in sex will help burn calories but the things that lead up to the actual act also play a part in it. Some of these sexy and unusual ways to lose weight will surprise you.

Kissing – 12 calories

Undressing – 24 calories

Hugging – 12 calories

Masturbation - 16 calories

Orgasm – 20 calories

Now that you are aware of the number of calories you can burn while doing an activity, make it a point to count these in your workout time and burn the rest by playing a sport or yoga and gym to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Calories calculated using calorie calculator from healthy weight forum.


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