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Weight Loss Tip #32 – Eat apples to lose weight

8/26 11:50:54

apple‘An apple a day can also keep the doctor away’ is an adage that everyone has heard. A superfood in every sense of the world, an apple can do miracles for your weight loss effort. An apple before a meal can help you reduce considerable weight by making you feel fuller, and allow you to consume fewer calories. The wholesome fruit is also devoid of sodium or fat which further helps the cause and helps people lose weight.

The caloric content of a medium sized apple is just 50-80 calories which makes it the perfect snack. Also, it contains fibers worth 4.4g which is enough to keep your bowel healthy. And the icing on the cake is that a Brazilian study even found that women who adopted this apple-before-meals strategy loss 33% more weight than the ones who didn’t. So, gorge on this red juicy fruit and see how it helps you lose weight. (Read: 10 health benefits of apples that can help you keep the doctor away!)

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